Going the extra Mile...

If we think of our everyday life, we all strive to obtain what was considered unobtainable previously.

Manrico Giusfredi - Fabio Perini S.p.A.

If you are looking for a new car, you usually want it to have something more than your previous car had, maybe an integrated navigation system or a built-in video system for your kids. If you are looking for a new cell phone, it must absolutely have a GPS system, a semi-professional camera and a touch screen. And of course, you could not settle for anything less than a 52" LCD 3D screen with home theatre, Blue-ray reader and all the bells and whistles if you're thinking about a new television...

Very often, the most challenging task for a supplier, is not to invent something new, it's to make something already existing available to more people. Navigations systems were supplied only in luxury cars; now they are standard on many compact cars. Telephone providers supply latest generation cell phones at no charge. Cars are no longer means to go from home to work; cell phones are no longer a means for calling someone. Standards change and the market leaders strive... to go the extra mile.

Likewise in tissue converting...

Many converters were limited to purchasing older technology as the more innovative technologies were used on the top level machinery, available mainly to larger converters. Many converters even had to settle for machinery which has designed old, that is to say designed with criteria of the 90's: for example, nip guards to assure safety instead of designing a safe machine, core insertion systems with chains, platforms with limited access for the operator's every day tasks. Not to mention vacuum rolls, air jets and other troublesome means to try to achieve a reliable rewinding process.

If only a mid level line could have those enti-cing features of a top level line....


Introducing new Fabio Perini S.p.A. MILE 5.1 line, a line for those converters who want more. High speed and cycle rates are no longer the sole criteria for selecting a converting line: other features, such as built-in safety, enhanced accessibility, and process reliability are today features that make the difference in the long run. Technologies used in higher performance equipment is now made available to those converters who wish to produce toilet rolls and kitchen towels at a speed of up to 550 mpm.


The new MILE 5.1 line has been designed for safety, keeping in mind the everyday tasks that the operator has to carry out: with an eye on reduced maintenance, ease of trouble-shooting and maximum accessibility to those parts of the line that need to be reached. For example, the retractable lamination unit on the new Fabio Perini 452 embosser model give access to all rolls of the unit, without the need to open or remove guards or nip guards. Just like in embossers rated at higher speeds.

Or let's take the MILE 5.1 rewinder, the little sister of the best-seller MILE 7.1. It has the same overhead core conveyor which enhances operator safety as the operator has a free open area from the unwind to the log saw without steps, conveyors and cores to impede his movement. And the core chute quickly swings down to give maximum access to the perforation area, without draw rolls or other obstacles in the way. And no short cuts are taken as far as product quality goes: same perfect winding profile as the MILE 7.1 with a plus, the possibility to produce rolls up to 200 mm or almost 8" in diameter!


Process reliability is assured by the world-famous Sincro transfer system patented by Fabio Perini S.p.A. and appre-ciated by converters worldwide and the core handling system in MILE 5.1 rewinder - the same as that of the MILE 7.1 and TIME rewinders - to guarantee perfect core insertion at every transfer.

At the same time, one must keep in mind the energy savings such a line must generate: for example, by removing all hydraulic units from the line and by reducing the electrical power consumption through the use of the latest generation of regenerative drives.

Like any debûtante, the MILE 5.1 enters with a fresh, new look: an HMI with modern, 3D pages to make navigation and particularly trouble-shooting easier as well as a brand-new guarding architecture with improved ergonomics and machine visibility that will become a standard on all medium-and high-level Fabio Perini lines. How's that for a first appearance in the converting society!?

And this new-comer to the MILE family will benefit from all those services which have become a benchmark in the converting world: skilled training, effective customer care and assistance, uncompromising safety standards, world-class R&D and continuous life cycle management through upgrade programs and T.I.P. (Technical Improvement Program). Just another example of how Fabio Perini Companies go the extra MILE to satisfy their customers!

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