The world first bio-dispenser

The world first and only eco-sustainable dispenser range made of vegetable fibers.

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"Environmental sustainability is a global mission nowadays but it has always represented a cause to espouse for QTS; being part of the ethical meanings and quality values that have inspired our company activity since its foundation".These are Gian Andrea Niada's words - founder, owner and CEO of QTS - when announcing the imminent launch of the latest innovation in terms of dispensers, which comes just a few months after EDIS (electronic dispensing system range) - another important world novelty - fully produced by the company. Its contents could well usher in a new era as far as conception and usage of dispensers are concerned.


Mr. Niada explains "It's thanks to our visional and long-standing technical and technological experience that we have conceived SIMPLA, the first and only dispenser range in the world entirely produced with the new PLA IngeoTM Bio Plastics polymer." QTS was established in 1979 in Milan hinterland and, since the beginning, has carved out itself a place among the world leaders in the production of dispensers for paper, soap and accessories.

After 30 years of history, QTS can boast a great experience as far as design, engineering and commercialization of professional cleaning items are concerned.

QTS has a strong vocation towards innovation, not only regarding the technical and design aspects of its products, but also regarding the development of material and the study of innovative and alternative production solutions. This is fundamental for the implementation and development of new products aimed at improving functionality and service that our dispensers must guarantee.

Massimiliano Spinello, QTS Sales and Marketing Director, explains the meaning of producing dispensers using bio-plastic: "It means to replace the conventional polymers (ABS and polypropylene) which are traditionally used to produce dispensers, with bio-polymers which derive from vegetable fibers, and hence from renewable sources, without recurring to a single drop of petrol."


In which way are dispensers made of PLA different from those produced with ABS? "The great number of tests performed," Mr. Spinello explains, "has led to an important evolution in the basic technical characteristics, making dispensers in PLA very similar to those in ABS; the surface is even more brilliant and glossy, ensuring a really interesting aesthetic result. The product's duration in time is identical, but PLA is much better because it is compostable and recyclable."


How can SIMPLA be defined an eco-sustainable range? "As far as it is entirely made of vegetable bio-polymers," Mr. Nadia explains, "the CO2 emissions are reduced by 35% and over 45% of energy is saved during the production cycle."

"Furthermore, the material used is renewable and - according to the results of the researchers that have developed PLA - can be reused for over 50 times in new production cycles after product's life." SIMPLA perfectly espouses the eco-sustainable policies of the paper producers and converters and, generally, of the most modern companies that include respect for the environment among their ethical values.


The range is a complete one, and it is composed of maxi and midi folded hand towel dispensers, maxi and midi centre feed dispensers, a one-liter refillable soap dispenser, maxi and midi jumbo roll paper dispensers. The SIMPLA dispensers are designed to allow easy replacement of those parts that may get damaged during use, with no need to remove the dispenser from the wall. Manufactured in the standard white version, SIMPLA can also be produced in a wide range of colours.

Concerning the development of technology and of ecological materials applied to industrial production, QTS has always invested in studies and research: with SIMPLA QTS takes a place next to the worldwide leaders such as Huhtamaki, Henkel, Samsung, Apple and Acqua Sant'Anna.

This is a result that confirms the capability of Italian small and medium size companies to innovate, and will surely contribute to enhance the appreciation of "made in Italy" in the world.


For more information: www.qtsitaly.it

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