These last few months have constituted a period for reassessing strategies and defining new goals not only to face the economic crisis impacting all businesses, but also for setting new standards to satisfy modern consumer needs.
Each year in December, Stockholm holds an important event dedicated to the world of post-sales, the Aftermarket Business Platform, which has this year reached its fifth edition.
"Culture is the only asset of humanity which, when shared, rather than decreasing, becomes greater. (Hans Georg Gadamer)
Ancient tradition and modern technologies merge in the name of respect for the sea and for man.
Offering something different to the tissue products market. Products that differentiate themselves for their added value and that are capable of satisfying the different needs of consumers.
APC (American Paper Converting) is the story of energy and ideas working in synergy to create a success. We recently talked with the founder and president to get further insight into where the company came from and where it might be going.
The promise of a higher quality of life draws many to the US, both legal and illegal immigrants, and it is argued that the US economy would become uncompetitive without the constant flow of cheap labour from south of the border
We do not want to seem pedantic by speaking once again about risk assessment. Actually, we would like to focus our attention on a new, little-explored frontier that a surveillance control agency in the Lucca area has highlighted in the field of roll converting machinery.
This is not going to be a political article, by any means.But how will the Euro crisis, the Arab Spring affect tissue consumption in various areas of the world?
Like many other nice things that have happened to me, Chile came into my life by chance one afternoon at the end of a childhood summer.
"Dirt is only matter out-of-place and is neither ‘good' nor ‘bad'. Nature does not care what we think, or how we respond, to matter in all its forms. But as a species we do care, very deeply, about our own survival"
Have you ever noticed that when we speak of food or about eating, everyone participates and tells about his or her own experiences? But few people are willing to speak about the most human and natural of consequences. So let's summon up all our courage and talk about it right here!
Brazil's secret is found in its institutions and sense of responsibility
With the word "place" we define a materially or mentally identified space environment. What we want to speak about are emotionally-lived spaces, interesting from the point of view of marketing and communication.
Cascades is the first company in North America to install the new ATMOS technology, which offers through-air-dried (TAD) quality with a green profile. So far the results have been excellent, although it took lots of hard work to get where they are. Cascades has now trademarked its new premium products as ‘TADe' to show that they are equal to traditional TAD products.
In the intensely competitive tissue market, a successful pulp supplier has to have a clear vision of changing customer requirements. Softness remains critical, which is why Södra Cell is spending so much time on the issue.
Have you ever wondered what the advantages of developing a whole project with one supplier of machinery would be like? We can answer that question thanks to the collaboration between the Fabio Perini companies and W+D-Langhammer companies, which all belong to the KPL Group.
Dick Marklein, the Global Energy Solutions Director at Kimberly-Clark, talks about what K-C is doing on the energy front and how it relates both to sustainability goals as well as business targets.
SOLID+® embodies the essence of a roll: it can be the answer to break with tradition and generate all-round innovation by becoming the first completely eco-friendly product in the world
There's a place where respect for the roll is a style of life. It's Where The Sun Don't Shine, Cottonelle®'s virtual city uniquely characterized by its perpetual state of dusk and by a bubbly creativity!
"Nothing is more certain than change" is a slogan that fits in perfectly with the present state of the local and international market, where everything is mutable and nothing seems to have a unique interpretation.
The 8th edition of the World Business conference took place in Milan on the 9th of November and lasted two full days. The event has proven its reputation as a unique occasion for networking with an audience of more than 1,500 managers, half of which in general management positions while the remainder came from business areas like finance, sales, marketing and human resources.
Strongly desired by its creators for a long time but born almost by chance, the PJL ONE Night finally came to life last October. The perfect result of an explosive mix of art, culture, creativity and communication blended together with the world of toilet paper! A refreshingly unusual format that gave birth to an unconventional event that we would like to tell you about, in detail.
Art is a sphinx. The beauty of the sphinx is that you yourself must do the interpreting. When you have found an interpretation, you are already cured.
If we analyze this concept for a second, we can well understand that for every artist, it is inconceivable to create something without starting from a piece of paper and a pencil. The genesis of every work is on paper... maybe even toilet paper!?