Everyone is speaking about innovation but no one seems to escape the routine. SOLID+® does!

SOLID+® embodies the essence of a roll: it can be the answer to break with tradition and generate all-round innovation by becoming the first completely eco-friendly product in the world

Maura Leonardi

Everyone talks about ecological and environmentally friendly products and everyone is out to reduce CO2 emissions. Tissue professionals are undertaking environmental strategies and policies aimed at safeguarding the environment with strong actions in the realm of production through energy programs focused on reducing consumption, or by increasing their use of alternative energy sources, for example. But inthe end, what does the final consumer really perceive?


Surely he/she perceives colored packaging bearing icons or slogans that recall the effort made by companies in their attention to raw materials supply or to the production process. But are we really sure that in the end, this is translated concretely, making the consumer feel like a useful part of environmental protection initiatives? In many cases, the answer is no. What then could revolutionize consumption habits, spur intelligent purchases and give more value to consumers' choices? We can safely state that a new 100% usable roll with no waste would certainly constitute a "Plus" for the environment. Revolutionizing the concept of roll is not so simple, but supplying an alternative solution to the traditional roll with a core can be even more stimulating. Let's take the new SOLID+® product, fruit of Fabio Perini S.p.A.'s converting technology: an exercise in style that does not elude from the company's role as machinery supplier, but that establishes itself as a precursor of innovative, alternative ideas to contrast today's crisis and to supply products in full respect of the environment.


SOLID+® is an alternative roll, concretely useful for the environment. A revolution in the field of hygienic products and in our bathroom; a product where the core constitutes its "central" innovation. And do you know why? Because it is the only product in the world that has an "ecological core", designed and produced to fully respect and safeguard the environment. The cardboard core has been replaced by a mini-roll of toilet paper - a veritable "Plus" - that can be removed with a slight finger pressure and becomes a unique, modern and fashionable accessory to carry along in a purse, to bring with you during sports activities or as a handy travel companion.


All-round advantages: less waste for producers and consumers, total convenience also for what concerns transport, and top environmental respect for users who are becoming increasingly conscious and desirous to make a useful contribution to the safeguard of our planet by using a roll up to the last sheet.The roll looks like a compact cylinder where the internal mini-roll makes the difference as far as use and creativity are concerned. It can be used for toddlers in their initial stages from diaper to potty; it may also be the answer for every woman faced with the lack of toilet paper in public restrooms and struggling to find that very last tissue in her purse. But what is halting this innovation? Only the fear of introducing a revolutionary product on the market, a product that sees in the young generation its main active and receptive audience.So why not try it?


The dispensers installed in our bathrooms will not have to be changed;

just our minds would: the roll no longer considered as a product that generates waste but a product usable to the last sheet.

Today, the tissue products market needs to show concrete signals demonstrating that companies are catering to the environmental issue. Visible and tangible signs that do not end with the activities performed only in the realm of production but that reach the shelves of supermarkets directly, in clear and visible fashion with something new that captures the attention. To describe SOLID+®, we could also a phrase written by French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who gave the following definition of smart design: "A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away"; and SOLID+® embodies the essence of a roll.

Everyone talks about innovation but no one seems to escape the routine. SOLID+® can be the answer to break with tradition and generate all-round innovation by becoming the first completely eco-friendly product in the world.

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