Fabio Perini companies: Pressing the right keys to built a modern growth platform!

These last few months have constituted a period for reassessing strategies and defining new goals not only to face the economic crisis impacting all businesses, but also for setting new standards to satisfy modern consumer needs.

Perini Journal

As Darwin expressed around two centuries ago with his theory on the evolution of species, "it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."


Nowadays, rapid change at all levels goes well beyond the limits set by Darwin. And in the business world, surviving companies are the ones that have recognized what is happening in their environment and constantly adapt to their surroundings. Simply put, the ability of businesses to react promptly contributes to their survival in the new global economy.

The Fabio Perini companies have recognized this concept and intend facing this challenging moment by focusing on the environment and answering in terms of services, organization, innovation and training. It is important to look to the future and to anticipate change in the market in terms of technology, the competition and the finished product. Indeed, reacting to everyday events in quick and positive fashion is today essential. There is no doubt that technology is important. Innovation, however, may cover other areas of business, such as operational functions, ways to boost profits, and procedures with which customer needs may be monitored and identified.

Consequently, redefining its role in their regards, innovation can come in the form of service for customers. The research and development process must be revitalized and a new thought model must be implemented that enhances and extends the creation process of new ideas throughout the organization - ideas that will become concrete in the offer of services and products (see also SOLID+® pages 154-155).

Fabio Perini S.p.A. - firmly believing that training is one of the key factors not only to preserve and consolidate what we have built but also to ensure continued growth - has decided to invest in and create a solid educational platform in the tissue field aimed at university students and professionals (see pages 12-13).

Everyone can recognize a company that innovates. The foundational element is innovation at 360° that has brought far greater benefits than those that ordinary business investments bring. We firmly believe that innovation should be systematically encouraged by carefully considering any and all suggestions (both external and internal), evaluate them and select those that present new business opportunities.

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