Paper is a messenger of culture and is deeply connected to visual arts.

If we analyze this concept for a second, we can well understand that for every artist, it is inconceivable to create something without starting from a piece of paper and a pencil. The genesis of every work is on paper... maybe even toilet paper!?

Anthony Moman, born in 1966 in London, has been living in Lucca since 2004, in the XII century villa where Dante lived from 1311 to 1313, and his studio is the ancient family chapel. A graduate in Art and Design from St. Albans College, Moman first worked as a publicist, a real estate agent and a financial market trader. But he never separated from his sketchbook and in the end returned to his one true love: art!

Anthony Moman does not use paper as a mere support for his studies; rather, he reasserts its technical and aesthetic features by using it as a support structure for some of his works. Matter, architectural space, formal construction, structure, thought and mood: all blended together in a unique and extremely personal fusion that makes paper immortal and eternal. Moman gives form to his illusions, his visions and feelings, exalting his works with imagination and technique, but also with irreverence, irony and impertinence. His works pervade our physical space, enter into contact with us, approach us and establish a rapport with our own reality, touching our soul and deflagrating our minds.The installation "Toilet man - Quality Time" leads us to reflect on daily issues, on the question of time and space and on the possibility of living our existence in a more disenchanted and sarcastic way. A sense of humor is something innate in an artist: it is possible to perfect the technique, discipline one's cerebral hemispheres, refine one's sensorial system, but it is certainly not possible to improve one's perceptive acuteness, the sagacity of the spirit, the imagination and creative flair that lead to the creation of something really special. For Moman, irony corresponds to a particular activity of the imagination that, nurtured with ingenuity and sensitivity, succeeds in focusing on an imaginative world that succeeds in capturing an aspect of reality while at the same time exasperating another element or revealing its opposite aspect.

These concepts are even more evident in his "Artist's rolls", 10 works made exclusively for the PJL ONE Night event, through which, thanks to the subtle use of irony and using an atypical, non-conventional material, the artist expresses messages and concepts that are sure to be likeable and amazing. The irony of the "Artist's rolls": through the use of allegories, metaphors and compositions that border on the grotesque, they not only profess a wide-ranging freedom of expression, but also contribute to desecrating one of the last contemporary taboos (see article PJL ONE Night - pagg 188-189).

The English artist possesses a sort of existential irony, connected to a timeless time that is far removed from the usual and the conventional, in order to conceive a boundary between him and the world. Plastic structures that enrich the mind of those who have the initiative to live them, share them, take part in them and meditate on them.


Think in order to be. Be in order to do.


Anthony Moman, English artist living in Lucca, participated at the PJL ONE Night by showing the exclusive "Artist's rolls" and creating, during the event, the site-specific installation "Toilet Man - Quality Time".

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