The new "Technology and Economics Master Course for Tissue Processing

"Culture is the only asset of humanity which, when shared, rather than decreasing, becomes greater. (Hans Georg Gadamer)

Maura Leonardi

Culture is a priceless asset, just like people's experience and training constitute for companies a great competitive advantage. With this spirit in mind, Fabio Perini S.p.A. has created a Master Course in Technology and Economics for Tissue Processing. The initiative, organized in collaboration with IMT (special state institution for post-graduate PhD. training, part of the Italian university education system) is focused on conferring specific knowledge in the field of production of tissue paper items starting from converting, passing through packaging and up to palletizing. Lucca has always been the cradle of tissue. It is the place of birth and development of the converting industry, and is home to companies producing finished rolls as well as those supplying technology for all the parts of the process: paper machine suppliers, companies supplying components or raw materials used in converting such as cardboard for cores, and consequently all satellite industries involved. A veritable Technological Valley comprised of a network of companies, linked directlyor indirectly, that we can define as the Tissue Valley, a technological basin of experience and skills unique in the entire world.


The Master Course designed and organized by Fabio Perini S.p.A is the only didactic proposal available today completely dedicated to this field and aimed at exploiting the experience and skills acquired in the course of the years by the world's leader in the production of converting machinery. And thanks to its being part of the Körber Group, this expertise can be extended also to packaging and palletizing.

The tissue market has undergone an evolution that today requires that those working in these realms possess not only qualified and specific technical competence but also knowledge of specific topics such as Logistics, Corporate Governance, Business Planning, Quality Management and Control and others. With this philosophy in mind, a course study was created to offer a complete learning instrument capable of enhancing the level of knowledge of the entire field.


Four are the main goals of the Master Course:

• enhance competence in the field of converting and packaging;

• create a complete vision of the entire production process (from production up to the finished product, packaged and ready for the store shelves);

• broaden the overall vision of the production process, extending it to the realms of ma-nagement, planning and marketing;

• ensure continuity of knowledge thanks to the valorization of the experience acquired by companies who have for years been working in this industrial sector.

The program is structured into Technical, Management, Operations and Business Modules with reference to specific economic and marketing aspects.


The idea stems from the focal starting point of people, corporate culture, the field itself and growth prospects. The Master course aims at teaching and delving in-depth into the skills and competencies of those who already work in the field, or of educating students who wish to embark on a training path that concerns the world of tissue.

Today, human resources represent companies' real value, a priceless wealth to which every company entrusts its future and continuity in an economic context where unpredictability and impermanence have become the rule. True strength lies in continuity and experience, both factors capable of creating solid environments not easily affected by the uncertainties of the surrounding scenarios. The starting point is people, their needs and their prospects. The point of arrival for this Master Course is an enhancement in the capabilities of the entire field in terms of both knowledge and technology. Machines are designed by man;hence, they cannot be more intelligent than man himself. Only through a thorough knowledge of their operation can we guarantee a high level of excellence in production.


Students taking part in the Master Course will obtain precious training in thetissue field, a solid sector that has reacted in positive fashion to the recenteconomic crisis.

1. Specialist Skills

 Obtaining specific knowledge of the converting and packaging processes.

2. Professional Growth

 Interdisciplinary training aimed at broad-ening technical and practical knowledge.

3. Theoretical knowledge

 Acquiring general methodologies to manage the different problems typical of production systems.

4. Practical Experience

 Internship programs in certain fieldswill supply practical experience forreal-life problems.


The Master Course is directed to those having roles of responsibility in production facilities or in the commercial area, personnel with years of experience in the field as well as newly hired individuals, both of whom want to broaden their knowledge of topics pertaining to business, management and operations in the field of converting and packaging.


For further information on this activity, you can contact Maura Leonardi by sending an email to:


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