Task: challenging the future

Martina Giusti

In the green heart of England, in the metropolitan district of Wolverhampton, West Midlands, we met the Managing Director of Task, Ravi Patel, together with two of his sons: Nikul, responsible for Sales and Marketing, and Kunal, responsible for the Operations Department.

The Patel family has been in the tissue business since 1984 but in recent years they have decided to refocus their experience on high quality and high volume consumer roll tissue production to meet the demands of the constantly growing and evolving FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) retail market. Efficiency, flexibility and innovation are the key factors in the strategy to achieve, and overtake, the standards set by the multinationals.



2014 has already seen the addition of spacious new premises and the installation of a state-of-the-art converting line matched with latest packaging technology. Task, in fact, is the first company in the UK to have the Fabio Perini MILE 5.1 Rewinder Line. The MILE 5.1 line features an integrated Casmatic CMW525 wrapping machine and CMB202 bundler which enables Task to volume manufacture a very innovative range of quality products from the large 200mm diameter embossed maxi wiper roll through the whole vast choice of towel and bathroom tissue rolls, sizes, specifications and package presentations the market may need.

Today Task has two operating sites based north of Wolverhampton, covering a total area of about 33,000 square meters with 3 high-volume Fabio Perini converting lines producing a full range of rolls and packaging formats and styles to meet the increasing retail market demands and trends. A modern line for Away from Home products adds to their wide capacity. Task is ISO 9001 and FSC accredited. It is also member of CHSA.


THANKS TO THE LATEST INVESTMENTS, THE COMPANY HAS SUBSTANTIALLY INCREMENTED ITS PRODUCTION CAPACITY and it is estimated that in the coming years it will reach 40,000 tons/year. A big increase from the current 18,000 t/y.

Task’s marketing department has always attentively followed British market trends, answering consumer demands and always looking for the most appropriate solutions to satisfy a variety of requests from all sectors of the market. This is a successful approach because their products can be found in the independent convenience shops through the large discount sector stores to the major supermarkets. Task is conveniently located for an optimal sales and distribution network that can easily reach all parts of the United Kingdom and now there are plans to broaden its reach into Europe and North Africa in the near future.



It has become increasingly sophisticated. It continually asks for greater quality and value and at Task we see the future with emphasis in terms of investment in design, innovation and quality. With Fabio Perini as our natural partner we are ready to meet these requests” explains Mr. Patel. “Tissue volume requests continue to increase due both to an increase in the population and to the greater use of tissue products, and Task wants to answer all of these requests by introducing even more top quality and innovative products which represent real benefit and worth to the customer and these are key factors driving the market.”

Another primary intent of the company is to increase its workforce by creating new jobs. Presently, Task employ 25 people but they count to add approx 50 more direct employees by the end of 2015 with corresponding employment opportunities for more indirect support staff and contractors.

A quality leap for this medium-size company translated not only in production capacity but also in social terms.


TASK IS A FAMILY-OWNED COMPANY where the father and sons’ dedication and commitment to the tissue business is perceived immediately through their desire to produce high quality products at a reasonable price representing the value and choice the market demands but with an eye on the outside world, creating new jobs for the local area and establishing a good business relationship with the distributors. Many challenges still await Task. Nonetheless, they are ready to take up every single one of them and with the strength of their close family values, their experience and motivation that will put Wolverhampton on the map of the tissue business. Running the MILE is a big step.



  that they trust will answer all their needs of innovation, efficiency and flexibility. Task are able to offer products across the complete market spectrum from their 200mm diameter maxi crossover roll for the modern market to the established products in the traditional market. Running the first MILE in the UK will consolidate their presence in the market and set the foundation to grow even further in the future.

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