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In 2007, FICOSOTA inaugurated its presence also in the tissue market with the launch of MILDE, a range of toilet paper dedicated to the Bulgarian market. First ranking in Bulgaria, MILDE proposed a product with high quality and aesthetic features, “upsetting” the tissue paper scenario in a market used to more standard products. In the absence of international brands and of a more articulated offer, the toilet paper segment in Bulgaria had remained rather behind compared to other compartments.

Having realized the opportunity to place themselves in the higher bracket of the segment and to work in the absence of true competition, FICOSOTA launched the MILDE range, first-quality toilet paper, 100% cellulose, soft and strong, with easy sheet tear and fragranced. In just a short time, the MILDE brand conquered the market, becoming the absolute benchmark in its category and opening the road to innovation. Today, FICOSOTA is leader in the Bulgarian market with two brands: EMEKA and MILDE - the latter produced in a wide range of packaging, fragranced versions and colors and exported in 10 countries worldwide (http://www.mildeworld.com).



• The art installations were created using real rolls of MILDE paper

• One of the installations on the bottom wall of the set is dedicated to the name MILDE, an intelligent branding initiative.

• The installation above the word MILDE is part of the Spa Marine pattern design.

• The installation that is both on the white and on the black background is part of the Mystic Orient pattern design.



 The launch of MILDE caused a small revolution in the toilet roll market, turning a simple commodity, designed for mere cleaning, into a product having an important added value whose strong points are its softness, natural snow white color, a range of fragranced versions and a creative design. To describe the difference between MILDE and normal products by the competition, the initial payoff said: “a tender experience for the body and soul”, thus underscoring its excellent performance and the product’s pleasant multi-sensorial aspect. In perfect coherence with this positioning, in 2010 MILDE added refined fragrances to the paper, making its use even more pleasing. In 2012, sight was added to the senses of touch and smell stimulated by the tissue, through original decorations that have enriched MILDE under the aesthetic profile. An innovative idea never before attempted by any other brand on the Bulgarian market and hence an effective lever to enhance its competitive edge. For the project, however, a competent partner was needed, capable of turning sketches into a product having high aesthetic as well as tactile and olfactory features.



With the onset of the economic crisis, MILDE ran the risk of losing market shares in favor of lower quality, more economical brands. In difficult times, the consumer tends to forget the benefits offered by high-value-added products and settle for more basic ones. So a specific communication plan was devised, capable of reminding consumers of the strong points of the MILDE range and offering them a rational reason to continue to prefer the brand.

The beautiful decorations on the MILDE tissue paper and its superior quality characteristics inspired the concept of the communication campaign designed to support the brand and its plusses. This reflection led the company to establish that design or perfumes alone – without the support of quality – would not be enough to make the difference. And so the claim “In art beauty is important, but for MILDE it is not enough” was born because, if the product does not guarantee good performance, in the end it is not successful.



The idea was born from several creative spurs that, in the course of the years, the company has collected thanks to collaborators and friends, who have always shared their creations made using toilet roll cores, turning them into decorative or even functional objects such as a pen holder. The video intends explaining that the art of producing toilet paper does not entail only the creation of an aesthetically pleasing product, but also of an optimal quality paper, soft, strong and absorbent. An art form that can unite beauty and practicality without sacrificing one to the advantage of the other.

The director held the role of facilitator, managing and favoring the re-elaboration of the creative inputs to give life to a new overall strategic vision. The goal was to create something beautiful and unique, just like the pattern designs created for MILDE – those very same decors that are at the basis of the paper installations featured in the video.


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