Valmet to supply a flue gas desulphurization and denitrification installation for CIECH Soda Polska S.A.

Valmet has signed a contract with CIECH Soda Polska S.A. for the supply of a flue gas desulphurization and denitrification installation to Soda Polska's combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Inowroclaw, Poland. The investment will extend the lifetime of the CHP plant as well as decrease the plant's sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions.


The order is included in Valmet's third quarter 2015 orders received. The value or the order is around EUR 40 million.


"We selected Valmet as supplier because their solution was overall the most competitive. The Valmet wet limestone flue gas desulphurization (FGD) solution provides the lowest operational cost. We were also pleased that Valmet managed to optimize the duration and timing of the boiler outages required during construction, thereby minimizing the production losses of the chemical plant," says Jacek Gajdka, Director of Investments and Member of the Supervisory Board of CIECH Soda Polska.


"Valmet has in the past few years executed significant boiler rebuilds and new boiler delivery projects in Poland. This flue gas cleaning order further strengthens our position in the Polish market for energy solutions. It also demonstrates the competiveness of our environmental solutions for this size coal fired boilers.  We are delighted that we received the trust of CIECH Soda Polska to carry out this significant project at Inowroclaw," says Roman Szerszen, General Manager for Valmet in Poland

Technical information about the delivery


The Inowroclaw CHP plant consists of four OP-110 coal fired boilers and provides energy to the Inowroclaw Chemical Plant, owned by the Polish CIECH group. The CHP plant is in the national transition plan in Poland for compliance with the IE directive and will have to comply with tight annual emission ceilings for sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate starting in 2017.


Valmet's scope includes the delivery of a common wet limestone based flue gas desulphurization (FGD) installation to desulphurize the flue gases from all the four existing coal fired boilers. It further includes the delivery of a selective reduction catalyst (SCR) system to be installed into each boiler for denitrification of the flue gases. Each boiler will also be equipped with a new rotating air preheater and new flue gas fan to further extend their lifetime.


The wet limestone FGD installation is planned to be in commercial operation in June 2017. The first SCR installation will be operational in June 2016 and the last in October 2018.


"The advantage of our FGD solution based on wet limestone is the relatively low cost of the limestone sorbent and the production of commercial-grade gypsum that can be used in a wide variety of applications in the building industry. Wet limestone FGD is also a well-established technology with references worldwide and proven reliability," says Frank Ligthart - Senior Sales Manager CEN at Valmet



Information about the customer CIECH Soda Polska S.A.


CIECH Soda Polska S.A. is a 100% subsidiary of the CIECH group and operates two soda plants located at Inowroclaw and Janikowo in Poland. It is the only company in Poland that produces dense and light soda ash. It also manufactures wet and dry evaporated salt. Other products manufactured by the company include, among others, baking soda, calcium chloride, precipitated chalk, absorbent masses, salt mixtures, nitrated curing salt, salt tablets, carbon dioxide. The main customers are national and international glass manufacturers, national glass works, detergent manufacturers, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, food industry, fodder industry and pharmaceutical industry, water treatment sector, and households.

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