Partnership in R&D between Fabio Perini SpA and the Sofidel Group to evolve the Constellation technology

The companies will set up a joint staff of technicians to study innovative solutions to be applied to the serial production of the new rewinder launched by Perini

The Fabio Perini Group, global leader in the production of tissue converting and packaging machinery, and the Sofidel Group, one of the major world producers of tissue for hygienic and domestic use, have signed a technical/commercial partnership agreement for R&D activity on the new Perini Constellation rewinder technology The Constellation technology introduces an innovative 4 roll winding system designed and developed by the Perini Group. Following a study and design period, the rewinding concept was tested on a reduced-scale pilot machine. Industrial-scale production was launched after the rewinding concept was successfully proven on the pilot machine. The rewinder manufactured with the new Constellation technology will be presented in June during “IT’s Tissue”, the global tissue industry trade event taking place in Lucca from the 21st to the 28th.

The Fabio Perini Group and the Sofidel Group are setting up a joint team of experts to pursue technological progress, designing and creating solutions that will be included on the rewinder in serial production. The distinctive benefits of the machine are obvious in the areas of product quality and ease of operation. The innovative winding system improves finished product quality both in terms of a better embossing result (the decoration that enhances the roll) and bulk retention in the finished products. When compared to current rewinding technologies, the same quantity of paper can be used to produce rolls having a larger diameter or produce the same diameter roll using less paper. Constellation’s new winding method can also reduce production costs due to an enhanced operator interface and simplified product change operations. This innovative technology also notably raises safety standards.

“We are pleased with this agreement that rewards our efforts in designing innovative technological solutions,” says Stefano Di Santo, CEO of the Perini Group. “The Sofidel Group immediately believed in our Constellation rewinder to face global market challenges. The R&D work”, he adds “will allow us to further perfect the features of the new rewinder, ensuring the Sofidel Group a strong competitive lever to broaden its presence in the European and North American markets”.

“The partnership agreement between our two companies,” underscore Luigi Lazzareschi and Emi Stefani, CEO and President of the Sofidel Group, respectively, “was the natural culmination of a historic cooperation relationship, characterized by joint development projects in the past, rooted in almost 50 years of continuous mutual support. The Fabio Perini Group and the Sofidel Group”, continue the CEO and the President, “believe that this partnership is a further confirmation of the soundness of the strategic choices made”.

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