“iT’s Tissue” is a one-of-a-kind event. A one-week journey through companies leader in the field who open their doors to show visitors their “technological creations”. The 12 members of the “iT’s Tissue” network are: A. Celli, Elettric 80, Fabio Perini, Futura, Gambini, MTC, Omet, PCMC, Pulsar, Recard, TMC, Toscotec.
Stripping oneself of every superfluity in order to look at others and in others with different and authentic eyes.
Calligraphy is the art of beautiful penmanship. The term derives from the Greek words graphein (to write) and kallos (beautiful). But beautiful penmanship or an elegant style are not sufficient to yield true calligraphy, just like knowing how to draw or play a musical instrument correctly is not sufficient to create art.
Milan’s World Business Forum is a must for leaders, directors and manager who want to have a broad vision of the complexity that surrounds us and of the instruments necessary to face it.
Spotlights Canada’s Next Generation Designers
More differential waste collection, less waste; more environmental education, less pollution; more sustainable development projects, less dispersion of cash... An equation of words that yields a brighter, uncompromised future.Can technology support these needs? Novamont’s answer is Mater-Bi®
PREFER - acronym for Product Environmental Footprint Enhanced by Regions – is a project started up by LIFE+, the program by the European Commission that promotes initiatives in favor of the environment and of sustainability.
If someone told you that the earth was flat or that it was round, would it make any difference to you? The dimensions of the planet are so vast compared to the size of any animal, that the earth’s surface can indeed be considered flat. And in actual fact, the maps that depict it are almost always two-dimensional.
The term drone is born in the military field and technically refers to UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) because the control of enemy territory is remote and not managed directly by an on-board pilot but by ground instruments.
TAPPI expands activities to help the tissue industry stay competitive. The North American propensity for high-end tissue products that has been playing out over the past decade is continuing to justify investments in structured tissue capacity.
Nell’industria della pasta e della carta, la presenza di contaminanti nel processo di fabbricazione è associata ai depositi sui macchinari di lavorazione. Tali depositi causano una riduzione di qualità del prodotto finale, che a sua volta genera un aumento del costo della carta a seguito di perdite di produzione.
Ultra-modern tissue making technologies have been combined on Aktül’s PM1 in Turkey to give high quality and high output, with optimized cost and ease of operation. PM2 is on the way with the same configuration.
Since 2007 over 50% of the world’s population can be found in cities and UN demographers predict that within 2050 this figure will reach 70%. The changes expected are enormous not only due to the number of people involved but also for the scenarios envisioned.
Nicolas Luis Robert: at 19 years of age he takes part in the American Revolutionary War. In 1798, at the Essonnes paper mill, he designs a machine that increases the production of paper: the first “paper machine” is born. Like most Inventors, he will end his days in poverty.
Upon entering the port of New York, one cannot help but experience a very strong emotion at the view of Miss Liberty. Entire generations of emigrants have seen in the Statue of Liberty the symbol of a new life and new opportunities offered by the New World. And throughout the world, it has become a true symbol of hope and renewal.
Growing imports challenging domestic producers. Australia’s current tissue consumption is in the range of 320,000 tonnes per year, and it has grown at an average rate of about 3.0% per year.
Some time ago, it was rather common to hear that a company where an accident takes place is one that does not adequately protect its workers. This axiom sustained that the accident itself was proof enough that the company was not operating well. Therefore, independently of a more accurate investigation into the causes, the company was retained guilty.
As I arrive at Encore Tissue in Gilbertson Road Laverton North to start my day, I am passed by a ‘B Double’ truck moving converted Encore Tissue products to our off-site distribution center. I get the feeling that overnight converting plant output has achieved high productivity levels.
The US tissue supplier von Drehle has in recent years steadily moved from its original role as a manufacturer’s rep to become a tissue manufacturer itself with nationwide coverage. Later this year, it will take a further step up the value ladder when it becomes the first US producer using the new NTT technology. The result will be higher quality and capacity, and hopefully market share.
Jeesr Industries is a privately owned company affiliated to the large Moroccan group Novatis, one of the fastest growing Consumer Product Goods companies in Morocco. Created in 2003, the group produces, commercializes and distributes several household and personal care brands, which places it as a leader in the Moroccan Market.
Hewitt Lv was trained as an engineer but early in his career he started doing some marketing work and therefore decided to get an MBA at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. After that he became focused on market research, the topic he has been working with for 10 years.
In recent years he has applied the principles of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (think World of Warcraft) to supply chains with interesting success. Based in Chicago, USA, Perini Journal recently spoke to him to learn more about his work to gain better efficiencies in supply chains.
A whistle-stop tour of European tissue; who is consuming what and why. Some of the trends are quite revealing, perhaps even illustrating something about national character. One of the clearest relationships is how the state of national economy plays a key role in all aspects of consumers’ lives, tissue being no exception.
Alberto Magri is the Tuscan artist who tried to interpret the changes taking place at the beginning of the 20th century through painting. An investigation featuring independent and personal traits that starts with the rediscovery of deep Tuscan cultural roots and moves toward perceiving a possible future for mankind and for the world.
Fabio Perini took this occasion to introduce a product featuring strongly innovative characteristics: the first finely-decorated glue-free bathroom roll, produced on the MILE 7.2 line.