Let me introduce: my name is Decòr...

Fabio Perini took this occasion to introduce a product featuring strongly innovative characteristics: the first finely-decorated glue-free bathroom roll, produced on the MILE 7.2 line.

Dario Giannini, Market Development Manager - Fabio Perini S.p.A. 

These are the first words of the video presented at the Open house held during the MIAC show in October of last year. Fabio Perini took this occasion to introduce a product featuring strongly innovative characteristics: the first finely-decorated glue-free bathroom roll, produced on the MILE 7.2 line. Decòr, this is the name of the “talking” roll protagonist of the video that introduced itself to the customers present at the event and explained the novelties that it embodies.


FABIO PERINI IS INCREASINGLY COMMITTED TO ECO-SUSTAINABILITY, as demonstrated by its investments in leading-edge solutions such as the Web-Tuck system and the mechanical tail sealing system that can substantially reduce the use of glue in the finished product. And the Decòr package, too, is inspired by the very same philosophy since it is designed to decorate the roll and the final tail without using a drop of glue. Decòr is based both on the Web-Tuck system that eliminates glue from pick-up, and on an advanced ply bonding system capable of bonding the plies and decorating their entire surface at the same time. The roll is sealed through the glue-less mechanical ply bonding system of the Tail Sealer model 563, and is enhanced by a special system that confers a customizable decoration on the roll’s final tail. And all with absolutely no glue!


SOLUTIONS LIKE THE MILE 7.2 GLUE-FREE AND THE NEW DECÒR PACKAGE STEM FROM FABIO PERINI'S COMMITMENT TO DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE ANSWERS TO THE NEEDS OF THE RETAIL WORLD. If growing market and consumer sensitivity to products having a reduced environmental impact spurred the company to pursue the road of eco-sustainability, the new strategy also keeps into account foundational aspects such as the progressive and continuous reduction of production costs and ease of use of the machinery. The innovation process that starts with listening to and analyzing the requests of customers and consumers, is focused on designing and developing solutions that the market acknowledges as capable of making the difference. In other words, “visibly more”.


THE DECÒR PACKAGE, DESIGNED FOR AN EXPANDING MARKET NICHE, has conquered the appreciation of customers and partners and will soon be launched on the market to show that it is an undisputedly attractive eco-friendly product for the final consumer thanks to its refined decoration along the entire surface of the roll. The high quality of the finished roll allows positioning and selling it as a premium product because it possesses the aesthetic characteristics and pleasing aspects of a high-segment product and can easily be proposed to retailing thanks to the novelties it embodies and its proven ecological qualities, increasingly appreciated by the major retail chains.


THE ALMOST TOTAL (ABOUT 95%) ELIMINATION OF GLUE FROM THE FINISHED PRODUCT NOT ONLY REDUCES ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT but also entails several production advantages connected to required maintenance. It is a well known fact that the use of glue in converting lines yields dirt which requires machine downtime for cleaning. By eliminating the use of glue, downtimes are also drastically reduced and this is an important factor in bringing down production costs. As an example, when producing a Decòr roll on a line that converts about 15K tons of product per year, total glue consumption is reduced to about 95 tons per year. Like the Decòr roll itself says in the video, Fabio Perini has reached the objective of producing visibly different machines, while at the same time reducing their impact both on the environment and on production costs. In one phrase: products that yield “visibly more…with less!”.




Fabio Perini has created the T.I.P. EULEROTM ROLLS, a system based on a technology that almost completely eliminates the bending effect of rubber rolls due to the ply embossing pressure. In traditional rolls, the tendency to bend is partially corrected by creating a bombé effect on the rubber. However, when changing product or embossing pattern, the working pressures required change, too. This makes it necessary to act also on the value of the bombé on the rubber rolls in order to adapt their different degree of bending. The T.I.P. EULERO ROLLS almost completely reduces the bending value even with working pressures of up to 50 kg/linear cm, compatibly with the load and bending limits of the steel roll. The result is a substantially more homogeneous and uniform embossing NIP along the entire roll with.


The T.I.P. EULEROTM ROLLS yields several benefits:
- Uniformity: uniform quality embossing throughout the log.
- Homogeneousness: a homogeneous NIP, independent of the working pressure. Theoretical bending is reduced by over 90% compared to traditional rubber rolls.
- Savings: no additional maintenance required on rubber and pressure rolls. The EULEROTM ROLL can be rubber -covered a new just like any other rubber roll.
- High linear pressure: no embossing pressure limitations compared to a standard rubber roll (up to 50 kg/cm).


T.I.P. EULEROTM ROLLS is available for all embossers belonging to the following model series: 425A, 452, 472B, 475C, 476C, 477C, 478B, 479D, 486, 471, 483.
In addition, the T.I.P. EULEROTM ROLLS can be produced for all embossers mounting rubber rolls having a minimum diameter of 295 mm and a format up to 3.6 m.



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