Jeesr Industries: pursuing the strategy of quality

Jeesr Industries is a privately owned company affiliated to the large Moroccan group Novatis, one of the fastest growing Consumer Product Goods companies in Morocco. Created in 2003, the group produces, commercializes and distributes several household and personal care brands, which places it as a leader in the Moroccan Market.

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Located a short distance from Casablanca, Jeesr Industries quikly became the main Moroccan producer and converter of tissue obtained from virgin pulp. The company, founded in 2012, counts over 250 skilled technicians and possesses technologically advanced machines, thanks to which it is able to meet the demand of domestic and foreign markets with a diversified range of products such as toilet paper, kitchen towels, table napkins, tissue for personal hygiene and several others. In addition to the production of parent rolls, Jeesr Industries has started up its own converting activity with Dalaa, Sany and Câlin brands, very much appreciated and renowned for their quality. The company’s success is due to its ability to guarantee high quality, a wide array of services, leveraging the synergies with the strong distribution network of Novatis Group.


THE RESULTS OBTAINED BY JEESR INDUSTRIES show that tissue business is clearly one of the key future growth drivers for Novatis Group. Jeesr Industries owners also see great potential in the African tissue market, which places the export business at the center of its strategy for ensuring future growth. Despite the reduced purchasing power of Moroccan consumers, the Moroccan tissue market is growing fast and is expected to accelerate over the next decade, thanks to favorable economic and social indicators. The middle-income segment is growing which boosts consumption. The rise in purchasing power and the adoption of western consumption habits support increased consumption by the local population, comprised of 33 million people in a country with a very high birth rate.


JEESR INDUSTRIES’ AMBITION IS TO BECOME THE LEADING TISSUE PAPER COMPANY and consolidating this position in a larger market thanks to strong brands, high quality standards and a skilled team that continuously strives in meeting the needs of national and international customers.
Quality is one of Jeesr Industries’ pillar values, which is confirmed by the company’s major machine investment, its fully automated Valmet/Metso line to produce tissue paper from virgin pulp, with an annual capacity of 30,000 tons. The company has now a full management system that enables the monitoring of the whole tissue paper production process, implemented starting from the raw material input to jumbo rolls and the final delivery of finished products.


JEESR INDUSTRIES’ GROWTH STRATEGY for the next 5 years focuses on the full use of the production potential of the new plant and on future investments in technology capable of assuring and maintaining the company’s competitive advantage in the tissue field. Additionally, as a supplier of high-quality jumbo rolls, tested pursuant to the most stringent industry standards, the company expects to grow also in international markets thanks to the optimal quality-price ratio it can offer. Today, Jeesr Industries exports jumbo rolls to the United States, the UK, Spain and Portugal.



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