Old planet

Old Planet


Democracy and liberal capitalism had taught us to think that, following the rules of the market, there are those who win and those who lose. History then showed us - perhaps at a distance of a few centuries - that those who win and those who lose are not always the same.


The winners are the ones who have committed themselves with more effort, or who have had the best ideas to propose to the community or, in the worst-case scenario, were able to exploit an adversary’s moment of weakness, but making the weaker party aware of its deficiency,
pushing it to improve. The rules of the game ideally tended toward a balance that everyone could aim for.


What was lost is the perception of the environment.
We have lost the respect for the place we live in. We have thought only about shamefully hoarding the primary resources that our planet has generously offered us to be able to live and progress.


If we continue exploiting our resources at the current pace, we would need one-and-a-half planets in order to survive (2.6 planets at Europeans’ pace!). This means that our Earth does not have sufficient time to regenerate the goods we consume.
It goes without saying that there are those who consume for two (or more) and those who have great difficulty in surviving.


Protest demonstrations for these evident inequalities born spontaneously and diffused in every part of the world, from Brazil to New York, from Paris to Hong Kong, are a powerful warning - together with increasingly frequent catastrophes caused by climate change - that we should take better care of our Planet and its inhabitants.


Care for health and hygiene protection, something that is close-to-home for us, are a commitment of civilization and progress that cannot be disregarded because it constitutes - together with the need for food and energy - the cornerstone to live and progress in socially civilized fashion.


We all want to produce and work for a better world, to be able to enjoy - together with others - this Old Planet that does not deserve to be further abused. An Old Planet that has given us a sea of beautiful things.


A sea on whose shores we would love to serenely see the sunrise once more.


Maura Leonardi



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