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Our (your!) magazine’s thirty years can be summarized in the covers that you see on the facing page.
In these last few years, the evolution in converting processes has led to an increase in the level of automation.
The city’s Diocesan Historical Archives house the fundamental documents of the history of Lombard Lucca. In this treasure chest of the past, the history of the most important European reigns is entwined through the documents that tell of historical, religious, artistic and cultural events from the beginning of civilization to our modern days. A trip back to the Middle Ages, to its history and legends.
The slogan adopted by Fripa “An eye for the market... and an ear for our customers” eloquently summarizes the strategy enacted by this German company, example of efficiency and innovation, whose points of strength are given by its experience in quickly answering market demands and strongly investing in technology and ideas.
In trying to describe a company, we can trace a Cartesian plane and on the x-axis, place tissue paper production – common to all companies working in this field – and on the y-axis, the place where this company works. The latter represents a fundamental variable that has its foundations in the culture of a country, its consumers’ purchasing habits, and per force influences consumption and product trends.
“The people of Hungary came from the East looking towards the West, and for over 1100 years lived in a point where these two cardinal points meet. This is reflected also in Hungarian culture and confers the country a unique personality with many aspects that cannot be found anywhere else in the world”.
New technology for challenging times, as well as several interesting ideas about achieving incremental energy savings, were the highlights of the meeting in Karlstad, Sweden.
The European tissue retail market continued to expand in 2007, with total revenue up by almost 3%. However, many manufacturers experienced difficulties due to retailer strength, private label products, rising raw material costs and a deteriorating economic situation, particularly in Western European countries.
Mr. Jack Sim, or Toiletman, as he humorously introduces himself, founded the World Toilet Organization (WTO) in 2001 after devoting several years and a lot of personal resources designing and setting it up.
There is no doubt, the first mentions regarding the use of toilet tissue were found in China, back in the 6th century AD. Invented in the East, perfected in the West. But since then, there have been many revolutions, so we will only talk about modern toilet tissue manufacturing. We do, however, need to mention a few of the various inventions which have made our industry what it is today. When does “modern” start?
Safety in the workplace is still a very critical issue, despite all the unquestionable improvements that have been made on the intrinsic safety level of machines and systems.
Making tissue means enclosing as much air with as less fiber as possible. Bulk and caliper are fundamental quality features, as they result in absorbency for towel rolls or in structural and surface softness for toilet rolls, which are the main tissue products in terms of worldwide consumption.
Focusing just on bulk and surface softness may not be enough for tissuemakers today. Major tissue producers, such as Georgia Pacific (Koch group), Kimberly-Clark, SCA, Metsä and even some store brands are following the philosophy of the broader soft touch - each in its own way.
Massimiliano Corsini S.r.l. company is born in 1994, through the initiative of Massimiliano Corsini of Officine Meccaniche Corsini S.p.A. who, up until then, specialized in the manufacture of systems for regenerated leather, impregnated cellulose, fiber board and cellulose from cotton linter.
It is a long way from a pulp mill to a Volvo truck, but if all goes according to plan, by early 2010 a small fleet of Volvo trucks will be running in Sweden powered by a biofuel called BioDME.
With Kimberly-Clark and the Kleenex® Oval line, the tissue product turns into an elegant design accessory to personalize and give an extra touch of style to any room.
SCA Containerboard, not just a company selling paper and containerboard, but a veritable business partner supplying services and products, that supports the customer in selecting the best way to produce and to relate with the market.
Paper myths may get old, but they never die. And sometimes they return!
His works were requested by popes, sovereigns, artists and collectors for their classical purity and the capability of overcoming the barriers of time. And still today, they leave us... speechless!
80 designers coming from 17 countries have been invited to create a personal “message on the bottle” in the form of a label or just as a form of free expression.
“ZonaFranca, Casa Editrice di Cartone publishes texts and images on recycled paper and carton".