SCA Containerboard impressions

SCA Containerboard, not just a company selling paper and containerboard, but a veritable business partner supplying services and products, that supports the customer in selecting the best way to produce and to relate with the market.

Perini Journal

The Brandeburg Gate is just a few meters away, solid garrison of the Pariser Platz. Above our heads, the glass, wood and steel ceiling designed by the archistar Frank O. Gehry. With a microphone in his hand, in front of an attentive audience, stands the Managing Director, Jean-Paul Résimont. It is SCA Containerboard who has, with impeccable precision and extreme attention to detail, organized this full-day event in Berlin on September 24th, 2008. Customers and trade magazines coming from the entire world attended the announcement of SCA Containerboard’s transformation from Simple Supplier to Supplier of Choice. No longer just a company that sells products – containerboard in this case – but a veritable business partner supplying services and products that supports the customer in selecting the best way to produce and to relate with the market.


SCA CONTAINERBOARD, THEREFORE, AS SUPPLIER OF CHOICE. Because it must not be only costs – states Stefano Rossi, host for this event and Sales Director – to command a strategy. It must be the awareness of being part of a wonderful mechanism: the market. Perini Journal, invited to witness this re-launch, is the only trade magazine present at the event that is not directly connected to the world of containerboard, but to that of tissue: a sign that there is only one world of paper and that the authority of the publication in the field of tissue makes it a precious observer also of correlated fields. The evening also included the presentation of the new website (scacontainerboard.com), renewed in graphics (adapted to the corporate identity of the SCA Group) and in contents, allowing easier interaction between customers and their Supplier of Choice.


THE HALLS ARE FILLING UP. On the terminals, some are navigating on the website. Sitting on the sofas, competitors talk, managers smile. Stefano was right: there are no enemies in the world of paper. Because there is such a great shared sense of doing things well, such a great need for companies that can reason beyond profits, and think also about the virtues that they can inject into the market. SCA Containerboard was able to establish itself, with a communication that is closer to that of a food or B2C multinational group, as a reference point in the supply of a quality product that carries with it also the weight and potential that only a service is able to develop.

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