MCpapermachinery: three generations of technology for the cardboard and tissue industries

Massimiliano Corsini S.r.l. company is born in 1994, through the initiative of Massimiliano Corsini of Officine Meccaniche Corsini S.p.A. who, up until then, specialized in the manufacture of systems for regenerated leather, impregnated cellulose, fiber board and cellulose from cotton linter.

Starting from a consolidated position in all of these fields and as world leader in some of them, in the course of the last 15 years, Massimiliano Corsini S.r.l. has gone back to designing machines and components for the paper field.


Mauro Della Santa, MCpapermachinery

With the arrival in March 2008 of Mr. Mauro Della Santa at the head of its sales management, Massimiliano Corsini S.r.l. boosted its presence in the paper industry, exploiting the knowledge and expertise that Mr. Della Santa has matured in the course of his career working for tissue machine manufacturers. With the aim and desire to consolidate its position on the market and with the experience gained in the course of the years, a division was created within the company exclusively for the paper sector: MCpapermachinery.


ORGANIZATION. Headquartered in the town of Veneri di Pescia in the province of Pistoia (Italy), the company extends over a 1,500-square-kilometer area that comprises the production and logistics departments. MCPM designs, builds and modifies systems and components for the paper industry through its project & design department equipped with the latest-generation, proven hardware and software systems. Its organizational structure, from the initial project study phase to check-outs, follows modern development, planning and control procedures – sure guarantees to satisfy every customer demand and ensure continuous product evolution. The production cycle, comprised of carpentry work, mechanical processing and assembly, is performed in the company’s workshop, ensuring constant quality control, eliminating delays in the subsequent working phases and thus in the final delivery.

Maintenance and assistance are guaranteed by qualified personnel through accurate and quick interventions. To fulfill its aim of launching perfect machines on the market, capable of answering customers’ needs, the company can count on a technical department comprised of engineers who cater to the mechanical and electronic design phases and to automation internally.


PRODUCTS, PROJECTS, QUALITY. The production structure, the knowledge and expertise of the team in terms of technology and manufacturing and the sales organization make MCpapermachinery a reliable supplier of parts and sections of paper machines, reelers and rewinders. The company’s mission is to handle turn-key projects for machine rebuilds, extensions and modernizations of existing plants, catering to all the phases, from the initial surveys to personnel training. Strong of their international experience, in the past two years, several important projects have been developed both in Italy and abroad. In Italy, a Jumbo press and the new dry section structure have been installed at Elma Cart S.r.l. in the city of Frosinone; rebuilding and reconditioning of the Lanfri Paper S.r.l. plant in Ferentino; the manufacture of five drums and five Hidroflow Corformer boxes for Cartiera dell’Adda; a cylinder mould and a Hydroflow box for the Cartiera Cama mill; the modification and rebuilding of a strip rewinder for the Cartiera San Felice mill; low density pulper for MC Tissue; a medium-density pulper, a reeler, a strip rewinder for cores for the Macedonian Paper Mill in Greece; the modification of a line for paper in Venezuela at the Cartonera del Caribe. Present also in the tissue field, MCpapermachinery has supplied the Lithuanian converting company Grigiskes with a complete crescent former forming section: automatic pope reeler, steam system, control software for the production of high quality tissue. A turnkey project that was completed with training sessions for the company’s personnel. The supply of the rewinder model MC20T for creped tissue in Spain at Diceva is surely another objective successfully attained by the MCpapermachinery division. Key factors for company growth and for the attainment of objectives are the constant technological development and the manufacturing quality of the products carrying the MCpapermachinery brand name. Technology, performance and quality are the strongholds of the company’s philosophy, together with particular attention towards the real needs of customers, starting with the study and design phases up to the manufacture of the system, offering customized solutions specific for each project. Quality of the systems supplied represents a fundamental aspect for the company. And quality is meant as “overall quality”, starting with the design phase up to the use of first-choice materials and to the availability of post-sales assistance that complete the range of services offered. Daily commitment to attaining higher levels of customer satisfaction is the driving force behind the growth of this company. Sales activity is entrusted to a worldwide network of agents and collaborators, professionals having proven and consolidated expertise in the field, who keep themselves continuously updated thanks to specific training sessions organized for the systems belonging to MCpapermachinery. A network that is certainly part of the total quality process.


THE NEW TISSUE REWINDER MODEL MC20T. The latest-born machine, fruit of constant research and development work at MCpapermachinery, is the rewinder model MC20T. Having carefully studied market needs, the company has developed this machine that embodies control and constructive technical solutions that are totally innovative, ensuring extremely high performance levels. The main characteristics of this machine are: - Working speed (drive speed) 2,000 m/min. - Format 2,700 mm The machine is designed specifically to work both with conventional tissue and with very soft tissue obtained through production processes like TAD and others that have been recently launched on the market. The pilot concept followed by the design engineers was the desire to limit the product’s free runs that may be too long, tight windings on the rolls, friction or sliding on the rolls or on other surfaces, and a very accurate control of the different nip reliefs, with the purpose of maintaining the initial product features. The result is a machine with a linear web thread and a very sustained sheet that is thus free from waves and wrinkles, and a very flexible control system that can work in different conditions, allowing the operator to choose the one that is most appropriate for the product to be manufactured. In this machine, the control system takes on a special meaning. In most cases, rewinders dedicated to this type of production adopt a so-called “open loop” control system, that is, a system with relief curves set by the operators and without an automatic return action by the machine in case of a deviation from the set values. The new system, patented and utilized by MCpapermachinery, can work both in the way described above as well as in “closed loop” fashion. This allows constant data setting and the system detects compatibility with actual working conditions (for example, in the same parent reel, there may be differences in thickness or creping) and, if necessary, automatic modification of the reliefs. The rising motion or pressure of the counterpoints and the rider roll are mechanical through ball screws and nuts actuated by “brushless” drives (one motor for the counterpoints and one for the rider roll). The rider roll is mounted on load cells that are very precise since they have to sustain a reduced weight (differently from the cells mounted underneath the support rolls that must sustain very high static and dynamic weights and hence tend to lose precision). The degree of force that the rider roll exercises on the reel in formation is the signal that controls the reliefs. The cells can detect pressures that go from a few grams up to several kilograms. Setting the rider roll to “zero pressure” determines its positioning, almost touching the reel (without any pressure action) as a safety device. If the reel comes into contact with the rider roll (exercising even a small pressure on it) the system detects a difference in the growth of the reel itself and performs the necessary corrections. The nip value on the support rolls can be adjusted, made fixed or variable according to the increase in diameter. Besides precision, flexibility and reliability of the control system and the web path, what makes the new MC20T an innovative and unique machine in its field are other elements, among which the increase in production efficiency and in operator safety.

Of importance:


- Automatic web thread of the product;

- Walkway with relative protection from the cutting area to enable checking the proper functioning of the blades at working speed;

- Easy access to the area underneath the support rolls for removal of any loose sheets;

- Spent reel transfer plane in two sections; the one on the platform side can be tipped for easy maintenance of the universal cutting unit, easy access to the support rolls and easy removal of any loose sheets between and underneath the support rolls. The rewinder is built through a modular system that allows easy assembly and reduction of the time needed for installation in the paper mill.


The main modules are:

- “One-piece” foundation plates (easy fixing and just one leveling process needed) with all the reference points for easy assembly of the elements comprising the machine.

- Base with mechanical transmission organs to the support rolls (electrical motors, joint reducers are already installed and aligned, and all that is needed is to fix the module to the foundation plates);

- Side columns with ball screws and nuts already mounted and aligned. The screws are located inside the columns to protect them from dust and to avoid that any particles of lubricant pollute the product;

- Shaft puller;

- Tilting platform.


A further important aspect is that, thanks to the above-mentioned innovative construction system, the new MC20T reduces installation times of about 30-40% compared to conventional rewinders. Creating innovative machines capable of answering and anticipating market demands is a prerogative of MCpapermachinery.


The history of MCpapermachinery

With the experience matured at the historic Officina Corsini e Federighi company, established in the 1930s in the area of Veneri di Pescia by his paternal uncle and Mr. Federighi, in 1961 Elio Corsini founded Officine Meccaniche Corsini. The company’s activity was initially concentrated on the supply of mechanical parts and the modification of machines for the mills of the area. This activity lasted until the end of the 1960s, when Mr. Elio Corsini decided to begin production of systems to process regenerated leather, impregnated cellulose, fiber board and cellulose from cotton linter. An activity that soon became the main resource of Officine Meccaniche Corsini who acquired a world leadership position. In 1994, the premature demise of Nello Corsini, son of Elio and managing director of the company, determined the establishment of a new company, today’s Massimiliano Corsini S.r.l., under the leadership of its present managing director Massimiliano Corsini, who represents the family’s third generation. The company continued its activity, which has consolidated itself in the course of the years, and integrated its products with systems for soft boards while at the same time resuming full market activity for what concerns paper machines. Cylinder moulds (over 100 of them have been manufactured in the last ten years), hydraulic flow boxes for vat formations, reelers and rewinders for tissue and paper, modifications to existing systems for the production of tissue, paper and cardboard, and the offer of services such as basic and detailed engineering, assembly, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the systems, are the special features of this industrial entity that has been present in the field for a very long time.

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