Our (your!) magazine’s thirty years can be summarized in the covers that you see on the facing page.

The first issue (back then it was called Perini News Sheet) was comprised of 8 pages, almost all of them in black & white, and stemmed from Fabio Perini S.p.A.’s desire to communicate its successes on the US market.

The issue that you are browsing through right now has 192 pages, articulated in sections and topics that touch upon every aspect of the world of tissue, trying to supply information and points of view that give a wide panorama of the sector and its relationship with “the outside world”. If we compare its evolution to that of a person, we could say that the Perini Journal has passed a period of apprenticeship and experiences as a youngster, learning the trade. It changed continuously, each time adapting itself to what’s new (the changing style of the cover pages gives an idea of this) and is now heading towards a consolidated maturity.


We like to think that these 30 years of experience do not entail privileges but rather greater responsibilities. And this fact makes us per force pay attention to themes and prospects that concern the environment, energy and safety.


Like many others, we notice that the worldwide environmental crisis we are currently experiencing (announced already 20 years ago) that spares no one, is accompanied by a financial crisis that also touches all.


Knowledge is the basis for all technological innovation. Since it is necessary to invest in order to restart the economy, today it is absolutely fundamental to do so in new technologies that will help us overcome this crisis period. It is with this spirit that also the Perini Journal will continue to invest in information and contents, sharing with all of you topics that concern companies, culture, technologies, the economy and the environment in the style and form that has always distinguished us. I wish you pleasant reading and.... invite you to the celebration of the next thirty years of the Perini Journal! My best personal regards.


Walter Tamarri

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