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Maybe not everyone knows that the history of tissue began back in 1867 in Greenfield, New York. Thanks to the brothers Edward Irvin and Thomas Seymour Scott, who that year decided to found Seymour Scott and Bro. in Philadelphia, a company that initially sold butcher paper and then (in 1872) bathroom paper.


MAYBE NOT EVERYONE KNOWS THAT in the megaron (the royal suite) of the famous palace of Knossos, on the island of Crete, bathrooms with running water existed already during the Bronze Age.


MAYBE NOT EVERYONE KNOWS THAT we all owe the invention of the toilet roll in its present form to Mr. Seth Wheeler of Albany, New York. To save time and work in cutting the paper, counting and packaging the sheets, between 1871 and 1883 he perfected a machine that perforated toilet paper, winding it on a cylindrical cardboard core. The first tissue converting process had been invented!


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