What exactly is Morbistenza?

Morbistenza is a game; a creative, ironic and original instrument that is revolutionizing the concept of toilet paper. A linguistic experiment with a clear payoff that changes the way to communicate the toilet roll: the focus shifts from one of length/duration to one of resistance ("resistenza" in Italian) and softness ("morbidezza").

Maura Leonardi

TEMPO® toilet paper is special because it is manufactured in a unique place called the "Morbistenza Factory". A selected tissue roll comprised of three plies of cellulose converted through a special techno-logy that yields the perfect combination between softness and resistance. The secret of Morbistenza lies in the purity of the cellulose used and its particular weave that yields a unique toilet paper that naturally unites top performances. This is the basis of the product sold in 4-roll packs and distributed through the mass retail and pharmaceutical channels.


But the real difference that makes this product special is its marketing project - the essence of Morbistenza. The possibility of choosing between the traditional version (for the entire family) and the one for more sensitive skin (enriched with aloe balsam) allows to clearly delineate an essential product range, perfect for a demanding public that turns to retailing or to pharmacies for a commodity having a strong appeal in terms of the subliminal motivations that lead to its purchase.

The creative and unusual "invention" of a machine for Morbistenza was the first approach used to launch the product in the different communication channels. A touch of imagination allowed combining together "hard and soft" ingredients dedicated to the production of the indispensible and at the same time mysterious toilet roll, a mainstay for all of us but also a product which remains a mystery for many as far as its manufacturing process is concerned (apart from those involved in its production). The ensemble of screws, anvils, nuts and bolts, together with ostrich feathers, balls of wool and powder puffs creates a fantastic picture of strong resistance connected to incredible softness.


A perfect oxymoron that, in the collective imagination, becomes associated with a strong ply that can softly caress even the most delicate skin. Morbistenza is a new way to create audience in the communication of toilet tissue, and unites the different instruments and media. Guerrilla marketing activities were performed in Milan by placing the machine dedicated to Morbistenza in strategic areas of the city. A curious and unusual presence that catalyzed the attention of passers-by of every age, making them participants in the "manufacture" of the soft & resistant toll!

Two Tempo pick-up trucks loaded withgiant toilet rolls tra-veled across Italy to bring Morbistenza to five of its most important cities.

Street marketing, too, was involved in the launch of the roll. What better way to explain the union of softness and resistance than through dance? Street dance and hip hop constituted the perfect genres to unite these two concepts and turned into an actual contest between young adults. Through light choreographies, the girls "danced" the essence of softness in their light pink and white tulle outfits. In contrast, resistance was a concept entrusted to the boys: in a more street-like style where blue and black predominated, they danced to hip-hop and underground music, strongly contrasting the soft dancers with their determination. A choreography performed by the dancers all together ended the representation; a sweet and at the same time spirited piece, the perfect synthesis to communicate the concept of Morbistenza!

A veritable promotion where marketing made the difference; different instruments for different audiences. And the Internet site, too, clear and essential, tells about Morbistenza, inviting people to try it, through an entertaining mascot and simple, effective graphics.

Morbistenza is actually a new way to interpret the roll that conjugates creativity and convenience in a product that is not just hygienic... but also fun!

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