Casmatic CMW 3000: Creativity and Innovation

Today, innovation and creativity represent the two levers companies must focus on in looking to the future and trying to rise above the current negative economic scenario. Flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing market conditions are qualities that allow a company to survive the "natural selection of the species".

Donatella Gambini & Eros Burelli - KPL Packaging S.p.A.

Working in a constantly evolving market like that of packaging machines implies an active research and development commitment aimed at designing and producing technological solutions that meet requirements such as flexibility and fast production. And this very essence of the new Casmatic wrapper model CMW 3000, launched on the market a few months ago by the Bologna company, translates into its ability to produce a wide range of formats in the shortest time possible.


Price policies, guerrilla marketing, product diversification are the main instruments used by companies today to conquer product leadership on the shelves. Markets are mature, the offer is ample and is in daily competition with increasingly fierce pricing strategies.Consumer demand is constant and elastic, and shifts dramatically with a minimal variation in price. Playing with formats through a modern and flexible technology allows converters to promptly and elastically answer changing market conditions or anticipate demands by proposing alternative formats to existing standard packages.


The union of high speed and top flexibility translates into the new Casmatic model that stems from the consolidated experience of the highly reliable and efficient series 400, further renewed in this machine. Optimization of components' dynamics assures a production speed of up to 200 packs per minute and the capability to make packages in up to three layers for a maximum height of 457 mm, 5 rolls in width and 6 rows in depth, making an alternative product compared to those currently available. These two important aspects have a great impact on converters, who can now explore and consider new marketing and logistics opportunities with a consequent clear increment in productivity. The latter, a requirement greatly appreciated and demanded for fast wrappers, is capable of yielding a concrete competitive advantage on the market in terms of cost reduction and quick supply times.


Benefits and advantages also from the operator's point of view because the model CMW 3000 embodies technical features that allow easer runnability.Processes are all accurate and reliable in time: from the double push button panel with PC functionalities that allows managing the machine from both sides, to the continuous cable-less, quick-extraction sealer, up to the consolidated "no-tools" quick format change system controlled through operator panel. Format change is repeatable daily with no errors and confers efficiency and reliability to the CMW 3000 for the production of high quality packs.


The technological innovation that has guided the design of this model has also yielded an increase in efficiency, thanks to a reduction in maintenance activities through the use of the brand new 3D synoptic system that allows even the less-experienced operator to more easily manage the entire life cycle of the machine. Thanks to this new device, the machine signals the exact position of the part to be checked or replaced, optimizing production times and processes. All these novelties have been applied with safety in mind. The machine is equipped with a level 3 electrical safety category: a high performance level in respect of US market safety norms. Its ergonomic, cutting-edge design allows the operator to easily work in total safety while managing all daily activities.


Today, 14 wrappers are in operation at several facilities of an important US company that has recognized the technological and innovative value of this new model. A confirmation that underscores the spirit of continuous innovation and improvement that has always distinguished the companies of the Fabio Perini group and that have allowed it to maintain the role of leader conquered in the course of the years in a difficult and fiercely competitive market.

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