Millas Shop: toilet paper is on-line

It's called Millas Shop and it's the new on-line shop dedicated to Carta Camomilla, Kamillenpapier in Germany.

Maura Leonardi

German consumers can visit www.millasshop.de (soon to be available also for the Italian market) and enter the shop dedicated to Milla, the famous cheerful little ant, icon of Carta Camomilla in Italy and exported by the Sofidel Group also in Germany. The TV star famous for the commercials of the soft and resistant Camomilla toilet paper has arrived on the web to acquaint us with her world and introduce us to her friends and her home, giving us useful and curious information about her products.


The new Millas Shop for the German market is a real web shop where consumers can buy items and gadgets related to Kamillenpapier toilet paper. This web showcase displays bathroom and beach accessories, gifts for all ages including beautiful drawings of Milla, coloring books, postcards and lots more. An activity aimed at capturing consumers' attention by establishing relationships via web to foster loyalty in users of Carta Camomilla and to conquer new ones. The shop is a virtual space where emotional relations are established between consumers and the toilet roll, making this object assume a different dimension with respect to its traditional commo-dity function. Attention is shifted from the basic need for the roll to the ability to generate alternative needs, met by the on-line purchase of different products. Use of the Internet allows tearing down barriers and reducing distances through daily contact between companies and end users, creating a synergetic exchange of useful information and setting up a wide-ranging listening activity where the user is kept constantly updated on the contents and news of the website.


By clicking on www.millaswelt.de or www.ilmondodimilla.it you can enter the fantastic bucolic world of Milla, comprised of colors, respect for the environment and games. A whole world to be discovered by children and adults. With its sweetness and bright cheer, Milla gives the gift of a smile to children above all. Her house is underneath the ground and it is a warm and cozy refuge containing lots of things to be discovered. A place/non-place, where children can have fun playing Tetris and Tunnel-Trubel, read fairy tales, discover appetizing recipes or dance to the rhythm of Robo Dance and get to know all the friends of our delightful little ant. A happy company where we can find the sporting Ella Energie and her inseparable megaphone; Alberto Allegria, a fun and entertaining character who can laugh so loudly as to make the walls tremble (he can be heard not only underground but also by humans if they put their ears to the ground); the two vivacious siblings Gloria and Gigi Grinta who get into all kinds of mischief; Pippo, the thinker of the group, who each day invents a motley variety of things such as the paper trampoline or the tickling machine; and, last but certainly not least, Mauro Tuttomuscoli, a strong and brave ant who gave the anteater a run for its money!The world of Milla is a virtual reality capable of projecting us into an alternative, unusual and relaxing ambience full of references to the toilet roll, seen under a different light, abandoning its traditional role of product and assuming instead a key protagonist role. The world of Milla is an ensemble of information, interaction and adventure all to be discovered.

So... happy surfing!

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