On the industrial front, the focus is on the community, in every sense!

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ISSA, International Trade Association for the Cleaning Industry, is a worldwide organization uniting members who manufacture products dedicated to hygiene, and cleaning products and equipment. Just like all Associations, ISSA promotes and supports its own sector worldwide by organizing exhibitions and seminars called ISSA/INTERCLEAN.


From 8th to 11th May of this year, the European edition was held in Amsterdam at the Rai Exhibition Center. The next appointments are: North and South America (Chicago, October 2012, Mexico City, March 2013), then Eastern Europe (Warsaw, April 2013), and The Netherlands again in 2014 from 6th to 9th May.

Perini Journal visited this show for the first time with the intention of learning what is happening in an apparently different world compared, for example, to the universe oriented mostly towards the consumer field of Private Labels, protagonists of the other trade show taking place in Amsterdam just two weeks later (PLMA), and of finding interesting spurs to analyze how the AFH sector is moving and how the tissue world follows it at a steady pace.

Many were the converters present at this show with important investments, structured campaigns and innovative solutions.

Many producers of dispensers for hygienic products and lots of importance focused on the use of paper from a hygienic point of view compared to the use of air, which has been downgraded by several recent studies. The focus is on health, environment and education... All-round commitment by communities, companies, society as a whole, in-line with that "total green" approach that we speak about in the Packvertising section of our magazine.

Let's take a tour together. (Pages 134-135).


Kimberly-Clark Professional* proposes a structured, 3-stage turn-key project to make our place of work a healthier environment. Three steps to help staff learn the rules of hygiene and improve habits, analyzing mistakes and introducing the most appropriate products for every occurrence. Reducing germs and bacteria can yield greater benefits also from a business point of view: "... on average, sick leaves cost over 700 pounds sterling per year per worker... in some companies, the cost of absences from work constitutes 36% of payroll expenses".


Lotus Professional. The booth proposed different environments - Sanitary, Horeca and Business - illustrating the specific product ranges offered. By focusing on paper products for greater hygienic safety, the brand has invented an alternative communication activity to promote the use of paper after hand washing. Two branded positions, a sink, soap dish and paper towel dispenser, all rigorously Lotus Professional, and two very beautiful and helpful hostesses invited visitors to try the products and eliminate any bacteria!

Papernet. With its Papernet brand, the Sofidel Group proposes a range of pro-ducts that distinguish themselves on the market for their hygienic and environmental performances. A BIO TECH paper that does not generate bad odors and decomposes easily without damaging or blocking pipes. A paper with "eco-labels" produced only using certified raw materials, that declares low CO2 emissions and reduces water consumption during its production phase to a minimum. The brand turns into a drop of water "exploded" on the walls of the booth: a winning choice not only from a green point of view but also from an aesthetic one!


Eco Natural Lucart. The Lucca group declares an Eco Revolution in the industrial field with its line of products manufactured by recycling paper beverage cartons. Following an accurate separation of the cellulose from the aluminum and polyethylene of the containers, Lucart's Eco Natural line rolls are produced, and with the plastic materials, objects such as the entertaining Eco Kit Gadgets can be manufactured. A 100% ecological product that unites eco-technologywith eco-quality, embodied by the eco-trend of the Havana-brown color of its products!


Tork®. According to the SCA brand dedicated to the industrial sector, the world of "cleaning" has a great future ahead of it but requires substantial changes. The field has grown in direct proportion to the high rate of health problems in large communities, demonstrating that there are wide margins for improvement. Tork® proposes a new ergonomic packag-ing system that improves the working conditions of all those involved in cleaning. Tork Easy HandlingTM - launched in Europe - is a package designed to improve job efficiency and the working environment of staff who handle millions of packages each week: easy handles, appropriate sizes, easy-to-open packages without the need for other instruments other than one's own hands, and a whole series of other features tested and asses-sed by about a hundred operators.

Carind. The dynamic Italian company proposes an interesting product novelty for the restaurant industry. Part of the "Value the Evolution" range are the Bar Napkins... one by one.... Colored table napkins packaged ad hoc that easily fit into their practical and captivating Value Bar Dispenser: less waste, more hygiene, softness, absorbency and respect for the environment are just some of the features of this napkin that is larger than normal bar napkins and that, together with its new dispenser, could have strong potential for the consumer market, too!


Wepa. Prestige, Comfort and Smart are Wepa's answers for the industrial field. Prestige is the top of the range that distinguishes itself for the super-soft cellulose used and its high absorbency. Comfort answers the ecology criterion, since it is produced using recycled fiber. Smart offers a great quality-price ratio. Wepa's professional dispenser line, ergonomic and functional, is designed with technical features that allow easy use by the consumer, reducing waste of paper.


And then Satino, Fripa, Grigiškes and other converters, and the motley colored dispensers by Celtex, Mariplax, QTS just to name a few: lots of colors, all types of shapes and different proposals for a fast-moving field!

The show's ferment expressed the state of health of this field in a clearly evident way, despite the severity and importance of the worldwide crisis we are currently experiencing. The industrial world is doing its part for the entire community!

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