The historical Lucca company, always attentive to consumers’ needs, to product quality and to the environment, presents an innovative line of toilet paper: Tenderly Triple Soft. What makes it so special? It’s much softer and more convenient.
“... the city encircled by tree-lined walls within which sleeps Guinigi’s lady.” Gabriele D’Annunzio
From Mexico to Argentina, the Latin American region has for more than a decade been busy establishing itself as something of a powerhouse of the world economy, with the days of boom and bust and political instability seemingly in the past.
Amsterdam gears up for the largest industry showcase to date
“The Cleanest Show on Earth” might be a good way to summarize the ISSA/Interclean show which was held in mid-November in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The event, which takes place annually, attracted over 16,000 professionals from the cleaning or Jan/San (janitorial/sanitation) industries. Although paper plays an important role in this business - and there were quite a few paper manufacturers present - the main emphasis of the show is on other areas.
The safety of lifting systems: design, check-outs, programmed maintenance and periodic controls, requalification and assessment of residual life.
The world’s first NTT tissue machine has recently started up at PSF (Papel San Francisco) in Mexicali Mexico, not far from San Diego, California. The new technology from Valmet is said to allow high-speed, energy-efficient production of both premium and conventional grades with easy changeover between the two.
A young, active company full of passion for their work. In 2013 it received the Excellency at Work award and entered the ranks of the 100 best companies to work at in Portugal. An important recognition to be proud of.
Peru is one of Latin America’s fast-growing countries, with average 2013 growth calculated at around 5%. Together with other countries in the region like Brazil, Ecuador and Chile, just to name a few, it is the world’s economic engine for the coming years.
Ramin Razani teacher, entrepreneur and artist. Dislocating surfaces in space, creating three-dimensional works from sheets of paper using cuts, parallel and oblique folds that create light and shadow effects: here lies his passion. Professor at the Università della Repubblica di San Marino, he teaches Descriptive Geometry for the course of studies for a degree in Industrial Design.
Interview with Luigi Lazzareschi
Scientific researchers have always had great difficulties in asserting the results of their work: although he saved thousands of lives, the merits of Ignac Semmelweis were acknowledged only many years after his death. Here is his story.
Pulsar is a company involved in the field of mechanics, specialized in the engineering and production of transport and handling plants and systems for the packaging field.
You probably use it, but perhaps you don’t know its history or all its... tricks.
«Paper is the technology through which and with which we have made sense of the world», writes British literary critic Ian Sansom on the cover of his latest book “Paper: An Elegy” (Harper Collins).
“Green Economy” means orienting our actions towards behaviors that embody maximum respect for the environment, in every field. A respected environment guarantees an “ethical soil” and contributes to the quality of life more than any other activity.
YouTube, Social Network, Web 2.0, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram: these are words that had no meaning just a few decades ago. Why? Simply because they did not exist. Today they have become everyday terms and essential instruments for a 360° corporate communication.
Despite the fact that air is certainly a privileged vehicle for a whole series of viruses, in many public restrooms - above all for a question of easier management - air dryers (blade type or others) are installed for drying hands, notwithstanding the fact that many scientific studies have established that this is a way of increasing contaminants in the air.
An annual appointment, two intense days, an event where everyone has a clear purpose: bringing added value to business through their experience.
On a rainy, gray November afternoon we reach the heart of Val d’Orcia, Montalcino. In Via Spagni 57 Carlotta Parisi, a young and extrovert artisan with a strong desire to do and to leave a mark through her art, is expecting us.
The video-art kermes embarks on an international journey with the iT’s Tissue World Tour
Fabio Perini continues its technological innovation process. It’s called MILE+ and it is the new and innovative rewinder that produces not only traditional bathroom or kitchen rolls with a cardboard core, but also the new revolutionary SOLID+ product.