Lucart Group focuses on softness and convenience!

The historical Lucca company, always attentive to consumers’ needs, to product quality and to the environment, presents an innovative line of toilet paper: Tenderly Triple Soft. What makes it so special? It’s much softer and more convenient.

Perini Journal

The new toilet roll is fruit of accurate study by the Lucart Group’s Research & Development department. The company concentrated on improving the characteristics retained fundamental in consumers’ buying choices: softness and convenience.
Three are the features that make this product softer compared to other bathroom rolls:
• fabric embossing, designed and produced exclusively to maximize the advantages of a "quilted structure";
• pure cellulose fiber treated with a cutting-edge process that yields maximum softness;
• the presence of natural fibers like cotton.

Greater convenience is guaranteed thanks to Small Tube, the cardboard tube located in the center of the roll that has a diameter never seen before... just 35 mm! The smallest on the market. This means more product, hence more sheets and less waste. Compared to standard roll size, waste is reduced by 28% and by 17% compared to the current Tenderly roll. The result is 10% more paper, free, on the Kilometrica size roll and a savings of 17% on the traditional size.
The choice is very wide: on supermarket shelves we can find Tenderly Triple Soft in different pack sizes to satisfy every consumer’s needs. From the traditional pack (6-12-18-24 rolls) to the Gran Rotolo (4-18 rolls), from Salvaspazio (16-30-40-50 rolls) to Kilometrica (4-6-8-12 rolls) and Ultra Comfort (6-roll pack).

Like all Tenderly products, Tenderly Triple Soft, too, bears the group’s "Eco Certification" that guarantees a product manufactured using cellulose fibers coming from certified sources and selected suppliers who use only sustainable forest management techniques.Lucart Group has also attentively considered Italians’ propensity for environmental respect and for innovation when it comes to consumer goods. Research was promoted by the Tenderly brand and conducted by the market survey company Gfk Eurisko. In a sample pool of 800 people responsible for buying activities (over 18 years of age), the majority prefers to buy products that respect the environment.

But let’s look at some figures in more detail. 42% of those interviewed retains that "safeguarding" the environment means buying more expensive products. For another large chunk of interviewees (35%) buying eco-sustainable products is synonymous of savings while for 23% environmental respect and savings are independent factors one from the other.
As Gfk Eurisko’s survey demonstrates, Italians are more inclined towards innovation and like to respect the environment to the point that they are willing to spend a bit extra to buy a more innovative product that respects the values of environmental eco-sustainability.
Continuous experimentation by the Lucart Group and the use of highly certified raw materials confer their products a quality that earns them the trust and satisfaction of consumers. *

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