The evolution of the species


Maura Leonardi, Editor-in-Chief Perini Journal

When we approach important milestones – 35 years for a trade magazine is a small but great record – the temptation to look back and congratulate ourselves on a job well done is strong. Yes, because everything has changed from 1979: the world, the way we work, technology, consumption... and Perini Journal has experienced and spoke about all of this in its pages. Those very same pages that have witnessed the presence of personalities of excellence, contributors who have enriched the magazine with their vision and experiences. Pages that have housed and hosted reflections, proposals and also critiques, year by year becoming a general reference point for a field - tissue converting - comprised of a multitude of voices.

If we limited ourselves to retracing the numerous stages of our 35-year history, however, we would not do right by the spirit that animates our magazine, to that evolutionary instinct that has always spurred us to go forward, both in difficult moments of our past as well as in successful ones. So what we intend to do in this editorial is to share with our readers the key words that govern the scenarios where we will move together in the upcoming future.

INTEGRATION. The era of connection is a reality; we have exceptional instruments available that multiply opportunities; interconnected platforms that make contents, ideas and stimuli available in real time, enriching all those who take these to heart. Perini Journal has extended its sphere of action, integrating with other instruments such as the web and apps and other trade publications in order to become faster, richer, accessible and shared.

EXCELLENCE. Focusing on excellence is the winning strategy in an increasingly crowded scenario, where background noise tends to dull rather than highlight diversities. Excellence requires lots of work, dedication and concentrated, consistent effort. Perini Journal gives voice to all the excellences that comprise the articulated world of paper, respecting their diversity and differences, like anyone considered an unbiased reference point should do.

THINK TANK. Technology, whose progress has transformed and continues to transform the world we live in, succeeds in making the difference when it can seize the best from ideas and convert them into applicable solutions. Focusing on incubators of ideas is the right way to face future challenges. Perini Journal’s editorial department is structured just like a “cargo”, an intelligent, open container of ideas and proposals that are elaborated and shared in terms of relevant contents for all those involved in the paper field. Every spur and contribution constitutes enrichment - an advantage for all.

CULTURE. We can go far when we know our roots and the roots that we share with all of you - our readers, contributors, advertisers, technicians, suppliers, opinion makers and experts – are made of paper. Fascination and challenge, wealth and millenary tradition make paper a lively, vital culture whose knowledge is inextricably bonded to the history of humanity itself. Perini Journal works to disseminate and grow paper culture so that is becomes an element of adhesion capable of overcoming distances and constitute an added value for all those who are part of its composite world.

In conclusion, as editor-in-chief, I would like to thank all those who, in the course of these 35 years, have contributed to making Perini Journal an authoritative voice, the home of people who live their work with passion in a field as complex and continuously evolving as ours.

Perini Journal’s new editorial look aims to be a tangible sign of our commitment to making sure the magazine is increasingly appreciated, not only as speaker of the state of the art of technology, marketing and the creativity that rotate around the paper world, but also for its accessibility, legibility and diffusion.

A new beginning, new objectives, the same passion and authority as always. *

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