The winning card

The momentous revolution that digital systems have induced in communication media is object of a strong debate.

Books, newspapers and printed paper in general are under siege by tablets, smartphones, PCs and other devices that, thanks to the web, noticeably reduce time and distances, facilitating communication of traditional media as well as of the new aggregates of users taking shape around social networks.

But the feared decline of books and newspapers seems to be witnessing opposite trends in the interest shown by on-line business tycoons like the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, or by billionaires like Warren Buffett who, with their recent purchases of newspapers, are letting on to a new and certainly different spring for printed paper.

Statistics published on the Economist’s website affirm that in the last thirty years - basically since the rise of the computer was said to progressively due away with paper - its consumption instead increased by almost 50%.

And very interesting for us are also the statistics published by the Washington Post that paint a global situation indicating that the areas characterized by prospects for greater future development (2013-2018) are those where consumption of hygienic products is on the rise. The fact that some products prevail over others yields a very interesting social-economic scenario from a demographic point of view.

In those countries with a young population like the United States, Canada, part of South America (Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia) and Eastern Europe, greater increments in the use of toilet paper are registered. In Asia and in countries with more dynamic birth rates (Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Germany and Sweden) baby diapers will prevail, while in most of Europe - including Italy - an aging population will entail a recourse to adult diapers. This situation reminds us that tissue accompanies us along our entire life.

Communication, consumption, hygiene: three different but equally important aspects of our daily lives that see paper and tissue occupying a central position in offering us its friendly and irreplaceable services. A rich, complex reality that for over 35 years Perini Journal has been observing with professional interest and punctually documenting for its readers with lively and focused attention.

Maura Leonardi

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