Innovation today no longer represents just an idea, but a veritable must.
Going up along the Serchio River towards its source is like visiting a “new” Tuscany, made up of “silent”, sometimes steep itineraries, that reveal old and unexpected villages, rich in culture and traditions, set among forests and deep valleys.
Procter & Gamble is world famous for its innovation and brand management of consumer products. The company started in 1837 when William Procter and James Gamble, immigrants from England and Ireland, respectively, formed a company initially making soap and candles in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
Not far from the ancient Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Nuqul Group has built a world-class tissue mill. The group’s next machine is already advancing in Jordan and it is clear that the company is firmly intent on becoming a true Pan-Arab player.
Rapidly growing demand and a desire to stay in the lead have China’s biggest tissue producer pushing an ambitious investment program.
A leading player in the feminine hygiene and baby diaper sector, Heng Li is starting its first tissue operation at its big Nanan complex in Southeast China. If all goes well, it eventually plans to build tissue mills across the country.
At a time when developed geographic markets are plagued by overcapacity, volume saturation and intense price pressure, emerging markets play an increasingly crucial strategic role for consumer goods manufacturers. The tissue industry, too, is pinning big hopes on two markets in particular – China and Russia.
A record number of 3000 booths were present at this year’s edition of the annual “the World of Private Labels” show in Amsterdam. This fact testifies to the strong growth trend of Private Label products recorded in 2005.
Tissue makers are facing an extreme challenge in energy costs. While the effects are now tough to take, the cost shock may help us get on better footing for the future.
After the breakdown of the JV between Voith and Andritz, Voith has formed a new organization and developed its exciting new Atmos technology with which it plans to continue its tradition of innovation in the paper industry. In addition, it has made the important decision to designate its São Paulo, Brazil, division as the Center of Competence for its tissue activities.
The main consumption levels in Thailand are registered in the AfH segment, but development potential in the consumer segment has increased the interest in this field. Proof of this are the investments made by some smaller-size converters. Winner Paper is one of these.
With a population of 144,168,000 inhabitants, Russia represents a market with a high potential for the growth and development of tissue products consumption. The availability of wood – basic raw material for the production of paper – is three times greater than that of Europe, and make this country a veritable “green gold” mine, capable of sustaining the development of the converting industry.
With an annual income of 12,000,000 Euro, a complete product range that includes one-ply and two-ply toilet rolls and kitchen towels, table napkins, facial tissue and wet wipes, and a commercial network that extends throughout the entire Russian territory, Syktyvkar Tissue Group (STG) has embarked on a path of continuous development in order to conquer and maintain the leadership in the Russian tissue market.
For the second consecutive year, the Giuseppe Lazzareschi Foundation, promoter of Obiettivo Zero – Progetto Sicurezza (Objective Zero – Project Safety), has rewarded those paper industry companies that have attained the best results in the prevention of job-related accidents, increasing safety on the job in the paper mill.
It’s a paper napkin! Thanks to the new deco-embossing technology applied and patented by the Fold Division of Fabio Perini SpA, on the embosser model 438G, it is possible to obtain a different table napkin, unique and recognizable with respect to others present on the market.
Daily Gold, by Carind, is the new range of products destined to revolutionize the industrial segment of the market. Ideated to stand apart from traditional products dominating this market, the new line aims to refresh the AfH segment that has for years been subject to standardization. And all this thanks to an innovative, different and elegant appeal.
“We faced the challenge and won!” states Massimo Grandi, Area Manager of KPL Packaging, in presenting the new Casmatic T100 roll wrapper at the Tissue World Miami show in Florida, USA. “We have attained all our objectives… except one: the Casmatic T100 can’t make a good espresso coffee!” continues Grandi, making the audience partake in the general climate of enthusiasm that you can breathe today at KPL Packaging.
Cardboard walls and lamps: 25 works signed by major Italian architects and designers, exhibited in the wide industrial spaces of the former Manifattura Tabacchi factory of Lucca.
Made from the most diverse materials, the mask bears the two opposing faces of the precious object and of the disposable one, symbolically represented by gold and paper.