PLMA 2006

A record number of 3000 booths were present at this year’s edition of the annual “the World of Private Labels” show in Amsterdam. This fact testifies to the strong growth trend of Private Label products recorded in 2005.

Maura Leonardi

Another appointment with private label (PL) products took place at the PLMA show on 30 and 31 May in Amsterdam. As with every edition of this show, this year, too, the catalyzing element was the International Yearbook compiled by ACNielsen, containing figures relative to private labels collected in 18 European countries. In 17 of these countries, the market share of PL products has increased. This is an interesting fact that lets one perceive how retailers and wholesalers consider private label products as an instrument for increasing profits and building customer loyalty.

IN FOUR OF THESE COUNTRIES, PL PRODUCTS HAVE REACHED A MARKET SHARE OF 40%. For example, in the United Kingdom, the PL share in terms of volume is 41.8% (while the value share is 37.8%); in Germany, an increase in market share was witnessed in 12 product categories out of 13, and a value share of 32.4% was registered, with a volume share of 40.6%. Interesting are the figures registered for Central and Eastern European countries where, for example in Slovakia, the volume share of PL products is of 20.5% with a value share of 11.8%.

FOR TISSUE PRODUCTS – which include toilet rolls, kitchen towels, facial tissue and handkerchiefs – interesting results were registered in France, where this category has obtained a first-place value share of 43.3% and a 49.2% volume share. Also noteworthy is the fact that this category in France is the first of the commodities categories in terms of registering the greatest profit (10.5 earnings in market share points). Paper products are strong also in Germany for market volume share (68.1%) and value (58.3%). The growth trend undertaken by PL products seems to be forging ahead despite the strong consumption reductions registered in Europe in the last few months.

In these pages, you will find the figures in volume and value for the paper products category in the 18 European countries analyzed, so that you can form your own opinion about these products’ trends.

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