The new Daily Gold line: a precious paper for the AfH market

Daily Gold, by Carind, is the new range of products destined to revolutionize the industrial segment of the market. Ideated to stand apart from traditional products dominating this market, the new line aims to refresh the AfH segment that has for years been subject to standardization. And all this thanks to an innovative, different and elegant appeal.

Perini Journal

Making the industrial segment “more precious” is the mission of Daily Gold, the line that was introduced on the market a few months ago by Carind, a company working in the AfH market since 1988. The Carind brand range, including multi-use, unembossed reels, the Bliss line for air-laid products, and the Daily line with its flexible and varied range that includes rolls of different diameters and lengths, in celucotton or pure cellulose, in white or colored paper, recycled or regenerated, embossed and laminated, are the products the company manufactures. With Gold – born from the consolidated embossing technique featuring counter-positioned points and ply laminating typical of the Daily range – today Carind inverts the trend of featuring anonymous, “flat” and homogeneous products that has for years dominated the industrial segment. Versatility, softness, great absorbency and functionality are the points of strength of the line, thanks to the new innovative embossing system, patented in three versions, that enhances the characteristics of the paper, giving it a physical aspect similar to that of cloth. A soft product, but also absorbent and resistant, particularly functional and versatile. The square shapes of the DESL design with very small points give the product a captivating, “soft” look.

THE EXPERIENCE AND SUPPORT OF PERINI ENGRAVING S.R.L. HAVE ALLOWED CARIND’S IDEAS TO TAKE SHAPE WITH A SIMPLE BUT WINNING EMBOSSING PATTERN. The new geometric décor makes Daily Gold different, not anonymous and not similar to any other product present on the market. This represents a strong brand recognition for the company. Produced on an industrial rewinder model 730C supplied by Fabio Perini S.p.A., the innovative design is fruit of studies and research spurred by the will to find different ideas – something which has always been a company mission. Proof of this is the fact that already in 1991, the company was the first to use a process to obtain embossed and laminated products with its Daily line.

WITH DAILY GOLD (THAT INCLUDES MULTI-PURPOSE ROLLS, ROLLED HAND TOWELS, TOILET ROLLS AND JUMBO ROLLS) the company confirms its active trend towards meeting market needs. By giving continuity to the Daily line, Gold confers greater preciousness to the daily use of the tissue product. Carind is “very active in marketing”, detecting unique opportunities in the external context: experience, technology, research and communication all converge towards a new and modern product. And if it is true, as they say, that advertising is the basis of commerce, the promotional activity carried out by the company for this product has already yielded great results. Those operators who have chosen Gold have immediately attested to how much the final consumer appreciates the “touch of elegance” added by its aesthetic features, finding it soft to use. At the basis of the promotional campaign is a personalized and capillary communication with which the new line has been presented not only through traditional brochures, but also by sending a product sample. Synthesis of the new line is the “roll” presented to operators in a personalized gift box, sent directly to companies, in which a slogan “Daily Gold, as soft and delicate as a cloud … as precious as gold” states in a creative way the strong tie between Gold and Carind, whose reference icons have always been clouds.

THE CONSOLIDATED STRENGTH OF THE CARIND BRAND UNITES WITH AESTHETIC AND EMOTIONAL ASPECTS to create a new product having its own identity, recognizable, distinguishable and able to generate customer involvement and loyalty in a market where conformity is the rule. Well, the company has succeeded in breaking this rule. In a segment where the person who buys is never the one who will use the product directly, the aesthetic and emotional aspects that rotate around the choice have always left room for price and functionality of use; these resulted ultimately to be the only purchase variables.

The good production capacity and the ease with which the company adapts to changing market situations have allowed Carind to overcome the limits of standardization, focusing on the product. With Daily Gold, further growth and diversification prospects are expected for the future, conferring added value to the entire segment – a segment which seemed up until now mature and homologized.

“OUR STRENGTH LIES IN THE NUMEROUS CUSTOMERS, HANDLED DIRECTLY BY THE COMPANY, LOCATED IN EVERY PART OF THE WORLD: from Italy to the United Arab Emirates to Asia, as well as in the important support supplied by our sales network,” states Dr. Tommaso De Santis, General Manager of Carind. “The will to offer novelties and quality, together with the trust placed in our brands have always allowed us to affirm ourselves among the first 10 Italian Small-Medium-Size Firms, both in the industrial segment as well as in the consumer sector, with our Selly brand, and to export our brands not only in Europe, but also to Africa and Asia”. Focusing on the product and branding processes in a market where standardization and conformity leave little room for investments in communication and innovation, make Carind an avant-garde company that has successfully developed its brand positioning, creating value for the customer.

THE APPLICATION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES, the implementation of innovative production technologies, the commitment to the attainment of important objectives in the realm of environmental conservation – in relation to the product quality and in terms of safety in the workplace with certifications UNI EN ISO 14001/2004, UNI EN ISO 9001/2000, “Objective Zero” – confirm Carind as a leader in the hygienic-sanitary field. •

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