Voith eases modernization of S5 controls for paper machines

The Siemens PLCs of the S5 series, used for automation in paper machines, will no longer be available in future, with delivery ceasing at the latest in 2015.

Thus paper manufacturers need to replace them in the medium to long term and are expected to choose the substantially faster S7 controls. Voith Paper’s OnC StepCore57 is designed to reuse most parts of the existing hardware and facilitate the gradual migration of existing CPU components.

Unlike other options on the market, OnC StepCore57 is a migration solution which allows hardware components such as I/O cards and PCs or user software to continue to be used. When installing OnC StepCore57, a new plug-in card is all that is required. Existing components can thus be retained and production stoppages due to long rebuilds can be prevented. That ensures system availability.

It would be clearly more expensive and difficult to replace some sensors and the entire central control unit with I/O hardware. As the migration of existing CPU components into new systems with the aid of OnC StepCore57 takes place gradually, the complete migration based on the kit principle can take place at a later time. That makes investment projectable and manageable.

The gradual system modernization and expansion can be done during the planned shutdowns. Integration into existing control systems of all Siemens generations also takes place in the process. The knowledge of Voith employees regarding the paper manufacturing process and automation technology is available during the entire migration. A smooth project workflow is thus ensured.

StepCore57 is offered in three packages, differing in their scope of delivery and service: Basic, Comfort and Premium. These flexible packages can be customized to suit the individual requirements of the plant.

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