An instrument that opens up a mutual exchange between customer and supplier

Fabio Perini S.p.A. has always dedicated great attention to the needs of its customers. The creation of the  P.A.N. (Perini Aftermarket Network) brand in 2014 was the first step that the company embarked on in order to group together all its aftermarket products and services, opening the road to a new customer approach. A proactive approach focused on speed and on the ability to adapt. Continuous and constant change in the rules of the game characterizes our world in this moment; customers’ habits and demands are evolving at a fast pace and we must be quick to understand what is of functional use and above all what makes the difference. Anticipating customer needs, establishing a relationship of loyalty and trust and becoming a true partner in daily business activities: this is what Fabio Perini S.p.A. believes can make the difference.

With the above considerations in mind, the new Customer Service Portal made its world premiere debut during It’s Tissue 2015. A professional instrument that the company is extremely proud of. A network of services available worldwide whose goal is to improve customer interaction with Fabio Perini. Shifting the attention in the direction of a new type of interaction has meant first of all adopting a different attitude, mentally, by increasingly focusing on relationships so as to create, prove and offer added value to customers. The Portal is designed to be a virtual meeting point between customers and the company to exchange information, solutions and services, confirming Fabio Perini S.p.A. as a vanguard company in its field.

Within the new Customer Service Portal, customers have access to their tissue converting and packaging machine lines and to all related information. With a simple click they can navigate through their installed base, technical documentation and spare parts lists and drawings. They can take a detailed look through the T.I.P. catalogue (specific programs for constant machine updating), request assistance and info through an on-line chat, visualize the reports compiled by technicians following an intervention request, order spare parts through the web shop, access training courses through our e-training platform, view administrative documents and request consultancy to create a new embossing. The Customer Service Portal is a dynamic instrument, personalized based on customers’ needs and hence continuously evolving.

Access to the Portal is through the Fabio Perini S.p.A. website, directly from the homepage or from the Customer Service section. Every customer is granted unique credentials in order to immediately access the Portal and navigate from one section to another. The environment is reserved and protected at the highest levels. Thanks to user profiles, customers and choose different degrees of access for its collaborators, based on the information required by the various company departments. Created pursuant to a responsive web design, the graphics of the Customer Service Portal automatically adapt to every device, reducing the need for users to resize and scroll the contents.

Customers finally have the chance to be in Fabio Perini S.p.A. without moving from their base, because this instrument allows the company to be close to each and every one of them. Every single day. Which is exactly the care they deserve. 
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