Successful Live-Demo of W+D FLOWTOS

Winkler+Dünnebier presented its innovative handkerchief production and packaging line W+D FLOWTOS at Perini in Lucca/IT to an international audience of experts. Those interested in the tissue industry from around the world took the opportunity to ascertain the performance, the level of innovation and the quality of the products from W+D FLOWTOS. With that they also had the opportunity to learn about the production system in detail.

Several times a day for a week the new machine produced individual packs of 10 tissues each, as well as finally leaving the unit in a bundle of 10. More than 200 experts were impressed by the innovative machine concept, which offers the tissue processing industry completely new possibilities. Besides a sophisticated practical operating concept and excellent accessibility, the machine requires very few change parts during product changeovers such as folding type (standard/compact) or number of tissues per single package. In addition to that the changeover times are massively reduced.

The novel FLOW-Wrap-method for the single packaging saves a significant amount of foil due to a very narrow side seam. Furthermore, this area of the narrow side seam is optimal for printing and can be used as advertising space. Time and material saving, tremendous flexibility in product configuration as well as higher availability of the product line – these are compelling arguments that were met with great interest in the industry.

Market entry with W+D FLOWTOS is a success across the board and the basis for a successful marketing of the production line.

In October W+D will be represented at the international trade fair MIAC in Lucca/Italy with its own stand and it will provide an opportunity to see and be presented with a very impressive and illustrative film depicting details of the W+D FLOWTOS. We look forward to the professional world of experts visiting us in Lucca.

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