IT’S TISSUE The Italian Technology Experience June 22 – 30, 2013

In Lucca, the first ever edition of this one of a kind event: 9 days of full-on technological innovation, culture and entertainment to discover the capitals of Italian excellence in Tissue.

April 2013 


Nine days of full immersion in the Italian Tissue Valley for a first-hand experience of the technological innovation behind the tissue industry’s leading equipment suppliers – complemented by an exclusive cultural experience. IT’S TISSUE The Italian Technology Experience will be held in Lucca from the 22nd to the 30th of June, the first venue for this international appointment for industry operators, and all those who have an interest in the world of tissue. A rich and diverse programme of meetings, information, in-depth analysis, but also art, music, culture and more, a natural appendage to the uniquely Italian excellence in tissue.


IT’S TISSUE is not a trade fair, not a festival, nor is it a convention. It is a special event created by the Tissue Italy Network, made up of 12 leading Italian equipment suppliers for the tissue industry, which every three years will bring together clients and companies and provide them with a unique insight into each of the member companies’ own technological innovations. The Open House formula will allow participants to immerge themselves into the Network’s world of production starting in Lucca, Italy’s most important tissue capital, through the packaging Valley in Bologna and Reggio Emilia, all the way to the northern city of Lecco. In order to analyze fundamental business aspects and global economic trends in tissue, a plenary Forum will become a meeting and debate table amongst the public and some of the greatest global experts in tissue who will be joined by the voices of renown economists of the same level, opinion leaders and international journalists.


To make the event even more captivating and dynamic IT’s Tissue will offer cultural experiences, which will be held in the enchanting, historical center of Lucca, specifically organized for participants beginning with an exhibit of one of the greatest photographers of the Twentieth Century, Henri Cartier-Bresson, followed by the concert of a world famous pop star. Every night, in the remarkable Piazza Anfiteatro, international jazz artists will perform live. And what event would it be in the city of Puccini, without concerts dedicated to this grand composer: every day in the Basilica di San Giovanni one will be able to attend recitals, a selection of operas and special concerts.


This artistic experience will be completed with visits to the Paper Museum in Pescia as well as other museums in the province of Lucca, including those in the heart of the marble caves of Carrara to discover the secrets of Michelangelo and in the historical foundries of Pietrasanta where the world’s greatest sculptors have worked and continue to work till this day. Itineraries will be dedicated to physical and internal wellness with the “white nights” at Spas, shopping at the outlets of the most well-known brands in Italian fashion and wine and oil tastings in wineries and agriculture companies in the area.


IT’s Tissue presents itself to the world as an opportunity that cannot be missed. The chance to surround oneself completely with Italian excellence in a location full of history where tradition and innovation are joined to become an ideal manuscript of synergy, unlike any other in its sector, organized by the Tissue Italy Network.


Tissue Italy: member companies in alphabetical order

A. Celli Paper S.p.A.,

Lucca Elettric 80 S.p.A., Reggio Emilia

Fabio Perini S.p.A., Lucca

Futura S.p.A., Lucca

Gambini S.p.A., Lucca

MTC - Macchine Trasformazione Carta S.r.l., Lucca

Omet S.r.l., Lecco

PCMC S.p.A., Lucca

Pulsar S.r.l., Bologna

Recard S.p.A., Lucca

TMC – Tissue Machinery Company S.p.A., Bologna

Toscotec S.p.A., Lucca


Tissue Italy, Board of Directors

President: Matteo Gentili, TMC – Tissue Machinery Company S.p.A.;

Vice president: Mauro Celli, A. Celli Paper S.p.A.;

Vice president: Stefano Di Santo, Fabio Perini S.p.A.;

Board member: Alessandro Mennucci, Toscotec S.p.A.;

Board member: Marco Dell’Osso, Futura S.p.A.;

Board member: Marco Calcagni, Omet S.r.l.;

Treasurer: Massimo Franzaroli, Pulsar S.r.l.


IT’S TISSUE The Italian Technology Experience

Project Manager Maurizio Vanni

Assistant Project Manager Michela Cicchinè



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