Zero Tubo: core-free rolls are here!

A revolutionary product arrives on the shelves of the Coop supermarket chain.

Perini Journal

Have you ever wondered what happens to the central cardboard tube of the toilet roll? It is undoubtedly one of the easiest products to recycle, when disposed of in the proper containers. But there’s something even better than recycling waste: Not producing any! Thanks to the Solid Plus technology, Sofidel introduces a new product on the Italian market: the first toilet roll that has no cardboard core and that uses that internal space for extra toiler paper. The product has arrived on the shelves of supermarkets under the brand Coop Zero Tubo.

THE LARGE ITALIAN RETAIL CHAIN OF THE FMGC MARKET, comprised of a group of consumer cooperatives (coop), is traditionally attentive to consumer needs and to respect for the environment. Following its philosophy and placing the a-m points as top values, Coop decided to embark on a new challenge by launching Zero Tubo. And so the traditional roll we have known for years now comes with another, smaller roll inside it, wrapped in coated paper, located where before there was just empty space.

INNOVATION IS SURELY THE WORD THAT BEST DESCRIBES ZERO TUBO. The internal mini-roll is useful in a thousand ways. It can be removed and taken along in a purse when away from home; it is convenient to have on-hand for children, or to keep in the car while traveling. It is small enough to easily fit inside any bag, handy when tissue paper is needed. Another fundamental feature of Zero Tubo is its softness, guaranteed by the square-mesh embossing.

AND WHAT ABOUT ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION? Besides not having the cardboard core, what are its other green benefits? Well, given the same volume, a much larger quantity of paper can be transported. The package found on supermarket shelves is comprised of six rolls: every “normal” roll has 500 sheets plus an added 50 sheets in the central mini-roll, for a total of 550 sheets per roll and 3300 sheets per pack. Practically, every pack contains an extra roll! An estimated annual savings of about 25 tons of paper due to the absence of the central core.

COOP IS ALSO PROPOSING THE ZERO TUBO KITCHEN TOWEL ROLL TO CONSUMERS, a roll containing 300 sheets that is compact throughout - no central tube. And this yields an annual savings of about 8 tons of paper. With Zero Tubo nothing is wasted, not even space!

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