New horizons

New horizons

The widespread success of social networks proves that information is our most precious raw material. In a continuous game of links and syntheses, digital data dominates a complex and globalized reality that would otherwise slip our notice.

Users of the formats offered by the large companies of the Silicon Valley share a boundaryless virtual world in exchange for their personal data and their attention to the advertisements prepared for them. A pact that some suspect to be “Mephistophelean”. The contribution of each individual person may seem modest, but the possibility of knowing and analyzing the behavior of millions of people (by now almost a billion!) means having precious instruments to understand where the world is headed.

In a market where competition is more balanced, the possibility to use IT processing has not only enormously simplified repetitive operations, but it has also given birth to diversified innovations that modify our way of working and living: words, images and ideas today travel at the speed of light.

Digital has entered the world of tissue since its very inception, supporting the complexity of our technology, strengthening the reliability of the machines in time and enhancing the flexibility of a production that allows quickly adapting to the demands of the final customer.

Today, these features can be achieved only through an attentive evolution of experience, a constant focus on improvement and above all a supervision of the production process, monitored at every phase thanks to control of the data that define its objectives.

For this reason, we cannot conceal Fabio Perini S.p.A.’s profound satisfaction for the results attained by the new Constellation system: a step that leads to new horizons in tissue production.

Maura Leonardi

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