SOFIDEL’s Nalys and Moltonel brands receive awards in Belgium

The Belgian magazine Gondola, promoter of the international “INN’ Best Innovation of the Year” award together with Nielsen, GFK, Deloitte and other prestigious names in the world of business and retail, has this year awarded the brand Nalys with “Best Innovation of the Year –Tissue field”, while the Belgian magazine Distribution d’Aujourd’hui assigned the award for “Best Social and Humanitarian Activity of the Year” to Moltonel.

Perini Journal

“Gondola” is one of the most authoritative magazines dedicated to the retail world in Belgium and the Netherlands, a reference point for professionals, companies and brands involved in this field in Europe. The INN’ award constitutes an important acknowledgement of the commitment to industrial and brand innovation that translates into new products, improved performance and greater focus on the environment and on the social sphere. The aim of the prize, presided over by an independent jury, is to confer due recognition to companies who make constant innovation an effective way of working. Nalys Expert, that replaces the Lotus brand, was retained the most innovative tissue product of the year thanks to its specific characteristics: larger sheets and 3 plies that guarantee high rub resistance properties and a special ability to absorb liquids. Tanguy Herssens, Product Manager Sofidel Benelux Kitchen Towels, explains: “Nalys Expert is a kitchen towel produced using 100% cellulose wadding, featuring high dirt- and spot-removing properties given its extra-large size and particular resistance of each individual sheet that can be used effectively both dry and wet to clean all types of surfaces”.

“DISTRIBUTION D’AUJOURD’HUI” is a historic name in the scenario of trade publications in Flemish and French languages. Founded in 1960, it reports on retail and marketing, concentrating on production, distribution and sales logics and on the trends characterizing them. This year, the magazine assigned the prize to Moltonel, that will soon be replaced by the Cosynel brand, for its commitment side-by-side with the NGO “SOS Village d’Enfants” in favor of the inhabitants of those areas of the planet where poor hygienic conditions are the cause of serious endemic diseases. Moltonel is yet a further example of the Sofidel Group’s attention to hygiene and personal care. Through an articulated program started up in 2010, Moltonel participates in the projects by “SOS Village d’Enfants”, a non-profit organization founded in 1949 that supports the development, rights and needs of children in order to make hygiene everyone’s right. In Kinshasa, 150 children can today use toilets and bathrooms suitable to their height; in Congo, Burundi and Togo another project supported by Moltonel has promoted an information plan on hygienic norms, for the protection and adults and children alike; in Togo Moltonel’s intervention has allowed the creation of wells for the supply of drinkable water to local communities, in addition to a training program on issues connected to health and hygiene. Information of the initiatives sustained by Moltonel is featured directly on the package so that consumers can follow the projects, be informed on their progress and appreciate how the simple purchase of a product for daily use like toilet paper can concretely help other people.

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