White has never been so colourful

The event organized by SCA on May 20th in Lucca constituted the perfect occasion for the company to meet with all its European partners and to present its novelties in the production of paper for the corrugated industry.

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Why has white never been so colourful? The provocation behind this phrase, payoff of the "SCA Containerboard Impressions" event, exudes the innovation strategy of the company that is part of the Swedish SCA (Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget) Group. SCA Containerboard, an organization founded on the value of people - 1,400 of them in six European countries - with its strategically-located facilities, and a 10% share of the total production of containerboard for the corrugated industry, is one of the most important production entities in the European scenario.

The collapse of the roof factory at the facilities of Lucca in 2009, posed an unexpected challenge for the management and showed the reaction capability of SCA. The tenacity and strong will demonstrated by the executive staff, together with spirit of belonging that the personnel body feels towards the company, served as a stimulus to accelerate the speed of innovation. A perfect exercise in style that has allowed widening the product range and answering the demands of a continuously evolving market, all the while remaining faithful to one of its fundamental concepts: that of being Supplier of Choice.

This concept synthesizes not only the company's philosophy, but also its very nature. Object of the innovation: SCA presentation liners. Rebuild on the PM2 was aimed at enhancing the quality of White Top Testliner products. A restyling that has allowed to intervene on the optical and surface properties of the finished product, thus obtaining the SCA White Top Testliner B paper.

The superb run-ability and optimal printability, together with the increment and stabilization of the values of the color white, have allowed SCA to make an excellent quality product that will cut out a place for itself in the Italian and international scenarios.

Of course, everything in full respect of the environment and obtained in sustainable fashion - two clear and strong statements in the strategy of Company, as was highlighted in the speech given by Michael Cronin, President of SCA Packaging Europe: everything must be produced with Responsibility.

Responsibility also for what concerns communication, an aspect that is today a fundamental must for a leading company such as SCA Packaging. "Communication is for us an important element to understand the needs of the customer and to study new solutions. Only in this way can we be innovative. Our task is to keep an open dialogue with our partners, communicating in a clear, effective and interactive way," underscores Stefano Rossi, Marketing & Sales Director of SCA Containerboard. Creating quality products is the mission of every market leader, but it is also important to make sure that exceptional performances are appropriately communicated to and understood by customers.

For this reason, an innovative communications campaign was conceived, with a provocative slogan:, "White has never been so colourful", inspired by the irrepressible frenzy of children. SCA Containerboard's white top liner offers a solution for every application, even with the more innovative and demanding packaging designs. And who better than children could express on a white sheet the infinite possibilities of this paper!


For further information: www.scacontainerboard.com/lucca

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