Lucca and the art of paper

Paper has always been a greatly interesting material for artists. Lu.C.C.A., Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, and Perini Journal decided to explore together the ways and forms in which paper "turns into art" as theypromote and organize workshops and exhibitions of contemporary artists.

Most of the times, in visual arts we cannot regard paper as a simple medium or a piece of writing but as an active, lively element that demands dialogue, urges relations, seeks to speak to those who use it. The result is works that look like a harmonious triumph of creativity, in which materials, signs, dreams, colors, lights and surfaces converse together, extolling the emotions of the artist's creations. This is a project that actually aims to make the most of the concepts that are essential to the art of our contemporary world: cross-disciplinarity, interaction, a multi-sensory approach, sharing and involvement. A number of artists will be called to create works around a theme on a special paper they will be provided with. Works may be commissioned within a fairly long time or by comparatively narrow deadlines. In the former case, the "timeline" will be dictated by the events organized in unconventional exhibition venues that for the occasion will turn into temporary museums. In the latter case, instead, these works will be site-specific, so these exhibitions will be set up in temporary venues acting as places of shared interaction, with the event beginning as the work begins, and ending as the work is delivered. Before the outcome, that is, the exhibition proper, usually after 48 hours' uninterrupted work, the shows will be enlivened by happy hours, DJ sets, small concerts, presentations of books on the subject, etc. A new way of looking at paper and a unique way of experiencing what it means to be in a museum.

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