"Leading the way", MILE after MILE

When the MILE 7.1 rewinder was launched at the end of October 2009 by Fabio Perini S.p.A., many thought it was just another rewinder, but not those who have an eye for efficiency, productivity and ease of use. And from the record sales of this rewinder, it seems that there are many converters who value these features.

Perini Journal

The MILE concept was developed for those customers who did not require the wide operating window provided by the TIME technology, particularly necessary when converting low density products, but still demanded a surface rewinder with high productivity and perfect product quality. The MILE 7.1 is the first rewinder of this market segment and those already installed indicate that converters are satisfied with the results they obtain with this machine.


But what are the main features that make the MILE 7.1 an ideal machine for many converters worldwide? If we take a look at the world tissue market, it has changed tremendously in the past years, with the growth of retail brands, the consolidation of many tissue manufacturers and the appearance of new players, just to mention some changes. This has made the converting process even more important: when many players have the same tissue machines, be it a conventional Crescent Former or a TAD machine, converting is where the value is enhanced in the final product. Softness and bulk through embossing, aesthetics through printing and embossing and convenience of use through packaging have been just some of the trends experienced in different degrees in various markets. However, one trend is common in all markets: the need for efficiency.


Converting lines need to be efficient to assure proper return on investment and to reduce converting costs, starting from the rewinder. This is the reason the MILE concept was introduced. The Sincro family of rewinders, by far the best selling rewinder technology worldwide with over 650 rewinders in operation, was, however, a tough challenge to beat: how could a rewinder be made to give higher efficiency than these world acclaimed rewinders?

The question was asked to everyone who could bring their years of experience to the task: from Fabio Perini S.p.A.'s skilled service technicians, who gather customer feedback from converters in all parts of the world, to their Sales Team and the company's worldwide commercial department who understand the converters needs and to the Research, Development and Production engineers with their technical know-how.

The MILE 7.1 is the initial response to this task. And from the early market response, it appears to be a winner. Let's take a look at the reasons behind this success.

First of all, this rewinder can achieve performances in terms of linear speed and logs per minute that other rewinders presently on the market can only claim. And in today's tough world of toilet roll and kitchen towel production, every roll counts.

Moreover, the MILE 7.1 has been confirmed as a rewinder which is easy for the operator to use, as the processes involved are all precise and reliable in time, from the core insertion which positions the glue line always at the same angle to the consolidated Sincro transfer system which positively transfers the web to the core without the use of less stable systems, such as air jets, vacuum or other methods.

This implies that every transfer will be error-free and repeatable day after day, making the MILE 7.1 an extremely efficient and reliable rewinder, constantly producing high-quality rolls. At the same time, no compromise has been made on product flexibility: all product parameters can be changed on the fly and all processes maintain the same wide operating windows as before. For example, the rewinder can operate with low or high perforation tensiles as the Sincro technology transfer system assures a positive break of the web at the exact perforation requested.


Also, maintenance is greatly reduced as the precision of the systems allows for a clean operation without glue contamination in the machine or the need of winding rolls with holes or vacuum systems which can get clogged up and need constant cleaning.

And reduced maintenance means less downtime, hence more efficiency.

This is extremely important as efficient production is a must to contend in today's competitive market.

The high interest demonstrated on behalf of converters from its launch testify that the MILE is a winning concept, thus strengthening the leadership position of Fabio Perini S.p.A. in the supply of surface rewinders, with over forty years as a solution provider for toilet, kitchen and away-from-home converters worldwide.

Another MILEstone in tissue converting!

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