As soon as I woke up, I noticed that the air was fresher, crispier, made pleasantly tepid thanks to the first rays of the sun.

Riding to work by bike, I practically don't acknowledge the few electric cars that, orderly and silently, flank the bike lane.

I cross the railroad underpass and for a second, my eyes are caressed by the view of the photovoltaic panels that, aligned as far the eye can see, run along the side of the train tracks.

It happens almost every morning, but each time this sight strikes me with pleasant awareness.


And something that also makes me smile and makes me feel like a child again, is the sight of the large wind turbines, just outside the outskirts of the city, that rise majestically, with movements that imply a newfound friendship between man and nature, turning slowly and inexorably, moving the air around them.


An air that is finally clean; an air that we have now gotten used to and an air that we cannot do without.


And that's when I woke up.


Walter Tamarri


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