“It’s Time for Tissue Systems!”

“Time [(tIm)] Old English tima, of Germanic origin; n.: indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another.” An element of priceless value. Today’s frenetic lifestyle daily engages us in a race against this element. In the converting industry, too, the time factor holds an important, economically quantifiable position.

Maura Leonardi

In the course of this last decade, we have witnessed technological revolutions aimed at reducing the negative effect of the passage of time. In order to better understand the chronology of the innovations that have characterized the converting industry in particular, let us trace the technological milestones brought to the market by Fabio Perini S.p.A. in these last few years.

WE CAN STEP BACK IN TIME TO 1972, WHEN PERINI INTRODUCED A REVOLUTIONARY REWINDER TO THE MARKET, THE MODEL 348. This machine is the first of its kind to use a surface winding system, which eliminates the need of a central shaft to wind the log.

The cores are inserted in a 3-roll winding system, and the log is freely wound. From this moment onwards, an evolutionary process of innovation begins, aimed at attaining higher and higher levels of productivity, quality and flexibility in rewinders. A strong acceleration to the development of surface winding systems in thus initiated.

AN INNOVATION THAT IS TO SET THE PACE OF WINDING TECHNOLOGY developments and to become the standard for the tissue roll converting industry.

“The continuous duration in which events succeed one another” leads to a continuous evolution process. And so it was, with the introduction in 1993 by Perini of the Sincro transfer system, extreme synthesis of 20 years’ experience in surface winding. What characterized this new technology as a veritable innovation was the positive transfer system that takes place without the intervention of a vacuum roll or cutting blade.

WITH THE SINCRO SYSTEM, ABSOLUTE TRANSFER PRECISION IS GUARANTEED AND PRODUCTION SPEED IS MAXIMIZED. High production speed, perfect transfer, operational simplicity, optimization of reel width and maximum flexibility are some of the advantages that have characterized this new winding technology.

And so an important milestone in efficiency had been attained, but this was only the beginning! If for many years the benchmark of the converting industry was embodied in high cycle rates, today this context has changed. Not only greater productivity that translates into innovations on the rewinder – retained the “heart” of the converting line – but also enhancements on the line concept as a whole. And so now, in 2004, it’s TIME for Tissue Systems!

It is the time to present a revolutionary concept for the converting industry, and to begin to speak about Systems.

In today’s context, customer orientation represents an indispensable parameter in the design phase of machines, and listening to operators’ needs must translate into finding solutions and simplifying the phases of the converting process in regards to efficiency, flexibility and maximization of the production speed

The concept of System establishes that the integration between converting and packaging be no longer something theoretical, but something tangible!

THE NEW TIME LINE, A REVOLUTION IN THE CONCEPT OF CONVERTING SYSTEMS, UNITES FABIO PERINI S.P.A.’S EXPERIENCE IN CONVERTING with KPL Packaging’s technology in packaging. This is the first modular and innovative System, designed to integrate converting and packaging.

Conceived to satisfy the needs of an increasingly exigent market, the new prototype is characterized by important innovations that are mirrored in all of the machine’s components. The innovative concept of the unwinder model 384 constitutes a perfect example of this.

THANKS TO THE COMBINATION OF THE CENTRAL AND SURFACE WINDING SYSTEMS, this new model allows to simultaneously unwind two reels, carrying out a high-speed reel change (up to 300m/1'), guaranteeing continuous production.

Furthermore, robotized transport of the material eliminates any chance of reel damage.

The heart of the line – the rewinder TIME 1000 – guarantees winding reliability thanks to the Sincro technology (over 500 models in operation worldwide), and improves its quality.

Indeed, the newborn Perini rewinder, conceived for the production of soft rolls at high speed, represents a veritable revolution in winding technology.

High cycle rates, low-density winding, flexibility, quality and reliability are just some of the features characterizing this new philosophy. And with the new TIME 1000, not only soft rolls but a total revolution in winding quality.

TO COMPLETE THE TISSUE SYSTEMS OFFERING COMES KPL PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY in the form of the innovative wrapper Casmatic F1 and the bundler CMB 202.

In the past, separate design projects of the packaging and converting sections of the line entailed that the connection between log saw and wrapper be carried out through the use of diverters and several meters of belts. Also, log saw and wrapper worked individually and dialogue between the two machines was practically non-existent.

This caused handling problems of the systems and difficulties at their installation phase. In the new TIME line, this issue, too, has been overcome. The machine, designed to eliminate these disadvantages, ensures a better connection between the log saw and packaging and the consequent reduction of belts.

The new Casmatic F1 reaches a speed of up to 250 packs per minute, with 13 possible configurations and 6 different layout possibilities, ensures flexibility and excellent final product quality. The reliability of the CMB 202 is proven by the over 200 models in operation and its flexibility is guaranteed by the different bundle possibilities, PE banded packs and bundles with trays.

So for Körber PaperLink – cornerstone of an integrated System supplying customers with service and answers for high added-value products – the time is now! •

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