Growing together

SCA is investing in an ambitious manufacturing and logistics program in France in order to improve its competitiveness. Fabio Perini SpA, as best partner of SCA, is taking part in this challenge.

Hervé Rose

Wood and paper are an ancestral tradition in Sweden. They belong to the country’s culture. As a Swedish paper company, SCA has the know-how which makes it the largest supplier of tissue and fluff products in Europe.

The SCA vision is to be recognized as the leading provider of value for customers, shareholders and employees and the favorite partner for its services and products. In other words, to be a reference.

The ambitious project in France is clearly in line with this vision.

SCA became a global company through both organic growth and acquisitions. Expansion was made possible thanks to very close working relationships with specific suppliers and partners.

STRONGER TOGETHER. “We are stronger together.”

SCA is a specialist in hygiene products, Fabio Perini S.p.A. is a specialist in tissue machines. The two companies have been working together for a long time. Perini knows the product specificities very well, and can thus react quickly and provide suitable technical solutions for all SCA’s requirements. Perini’s professionalism, both in terms of service and quality of product, reinforces SCA’s image as a serious player and further helps to set it apart from its competitors.

SCA CONCENTRATES ITS FRENCH TISSUE ACTIVITIES IN A SIMPLE FACTORY. Hervé Rose, Managing Director of SCA Consumer Tissue, France: The division “SCA Consumer Tissue” in France provides private label products to the retail market.

More than 130,000 tons of tissue products are delivered each year on the French market by SCA.

In a highly competitive European tissue market, it is a must to continuously develop our productivity. In France the concentration of all our converting tissue operations in the factory at Le Theil (Orne) will make this location one of the most competitive mills in Europe.

Our market share in kitchen rolls requires further developments. In order to achieve a better share, we need efficient and flexible facilities as well as a lean and simple logistics organisation which will allow us to provide our customers with a qualitative offer in line with the market cost rate.

That is the reason that we decided to replace all our manufacturing machines with efficient and modern facilities and to extend our warehouse platform in Le Theil.

Thanks to these strong investments, we are confident about our growth, and are preparing ourselves for future challenges.

ALL HHT MACHINES IN SCA FACTORIES REPLACED BY NEW PERINI ONES. In January 2005, two new Perini lines model Sincro LX will be started up at the Le Theil factory, along with two TMC lines for packaging. The two converting lines, fruit of the most recent Perini technological innovations (Nexxt), with a capacity of 35,000 tons, will double SCA’s capacity in kitchen rolls for France, and allow SCA to meet its customers’ needs for a large range of products, from discount to premium quality. SCA will be able to provide products in all market segments.

TECHNOLOGY IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE PERSON OPERATING IT. Hervé Rose: This investment program will help us to achieve our goals, but the technical element is not the only key for success. In order to reach our targets, close team work and individual involvement is required.

This project is an opportunity to work in accordance with our core values: ”Respect, Excellence and Responsibility“ and is supported by several employee development programs. •

SCA Key figures

- Net sales and employees:

SCA Group: 9.4 bil. euro in 2003, approx. 46,000 co-workers in some 40 countries

- SCA Hygiene Products: 4.7 bil. euro, 18,567 co-workers

- SCA HP in France: 608.1 mil. euro, 1229 co-workers

- 22 manufacturing factories in tissue in Europe, 7 in North America and several joint ventures, and 8 fluff products locations in the world

21% of the European tissue market in 2002 (based on volumes in tons)

SCA in brief/overwiew of SCA Group

- Position in the market: European number one supplier in retail brand tissue products and number three in branded tissue, worldwide leader in incontinence products, European leader in Away-from-Home tissue products;

- Range of tissue and hygiene products: toilet paper, kitchen rolls, hankerchieves, towels, baby diapers, feminine care, incontinence products, professional hygiene and wiping.

- Main/well-known brands: Consumer Tissue: Zewa, Edet, Velvet, Danke and retailer brands; Feminine care: Libresse (local: Nana, Bodyform and Nuvenia) and retailer brands; Baby Products: Libero, Up&Go and retailer brands; Incontinence products: Tena, Serenity, Libra de Tena, Discreet de Tena, Orlys, Junior; Away-from-Home Tissue: Tork. •

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