The World of Private Label 2008

The traditional appointment with Private Label was held this year on May 27 and 28 in Amsterdam. Protagonist of this edition was the wave of new supermarket, hypermarket and discount chain products in Europe: in 2007, almost 15,000 new private label products were launched on the market by European retailers, registering an increase of 25% with respect to the previous year.

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This growth in PLs was testified also by the presence at the show of 3,100 exhibition booths representing almost 1,690 companies coming from over 70 countries, with an overall increment of over 100 exhibitors with respect to last year’s edition.

Several tissue converting companies participated at the show. The success of this event reflects the worldwide growth of retailing and of the supply chain for PLs. “In expanding their plans relative to PLs, retailers operate in new categories, adding excellence and added value to products. The latter are clearly becoming of strategic importance to retailers, given the increasing market competition,” states Brian Sharoff, President of PLMA.



According to the latest Nielsen data, retailers’ market share has increased in almost two-thirds of the 18 countries examined. As usual, PL products have maintained high levels of market share in Western countries, attaining 40% in the UK, in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland and over 30% in France, Spain and Portugal. In retail markets of Southeastern Europe undergoing rapid modernization, the market share of PLs is witnessing substantial increases.

The show highlighted many new developments related to products and packaging. In particular is to be underscored the general trend towards innovation supported by the hundreds of innovative references brought to Amsterdam by over 60 European, South American and Asian retailers and presented in the “Idea Supermarket”, the space within the show dedicated specifically to new products.

Among the novelties, the upcoming PLMA show to be held in Shanghai from September 22 to 25: PL products in the Dragon’s market, too. An event of sure interest that will have repercussions on the equilibriums of PL products.

See you in 2009. •



Founded in 1979, PLMA can count among its members both international companies and small firms whose products include foodstuffs, drinks, snacks, health and beauty products, household and cleaning products, DIY, personal articles and products for one’s free time.

With offices in Amsterdam and New York, PLMA represents over 3,200 member companies worldwide. PLMA introduced its first show in the USA in 1980, in Europe in 1986 and in Asia in 1994 and today offers its services to associated producers in over 60 countries.

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