If the things we're not aquainted with do not exist. If there's a will there's a way.

The reward for anyone who climbs a mountain is the conquest of a privileged point of view.

The opportunity to embrace a far-reaching horizon and perceive a complex reality at first glance.

Being able to find oneself in this situation requires effort and great passion. But the pleasure of attaining results and the stimulus to open up new frontiers (even just personal ones) amply repays the effort.

The start-off point of any action is the desire to perform it. The possibility of carrying it out is left up to our knowledge and determination.


The magazine published by Fabio Perini S.pA turns thirty years old in 2009. The first issue published in 1979 contained 8 pages. The one you are reading now has 192! Next year, we would like to celebrate this anniversary together with you. And we thank you as of now for the attention, the approval, the support and the critiques that have helped us to grow this publication.

The history of Perini Journal is marked by continuous challenges in trying to tell the world of tissue in its many aspects.

Machines, with their inexorable evolution, have assisted production and the market. But behind the most prestigious performance we know very well that there are people who, with their effort and intelligence, have favoured the enhancements that we all enjoy today. Throughout these years, telling the story of these people and of their companies has been for us a privilege and a pleasure.


With your collaboration, we will continue to tell these stories.

With dedication and passion.


Walter Tamarri

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