Moon: a designer roll

Just one year after the launch of the Moon roll, “The full moon” (see PJL n. 24), this product by Cartindustria Veneta has already become an item of design. It is mentioned in the ADI Design Index 2005, the yearbook published by the “Osservatorio Permanente del Design”, connected to the triennial selection for the “XXI Premio Compasso D’Oro ADI” award.

Perini Journal

The prestigious ADI Design Award is dedicated to the production and design quality of goods, services and systems. The “Osservatorio Permanente del Design” is comprised by a group of experts (critics, historians, designers, specialised journalists) that gathers information, evaluates and selects the best products launched in the course of the solar year on Italian territory.

The products signalled are published on the ADI Design Index yearbook, and Moon – the original and innovative roll that has conquered a position of prominence as a product for the field of hotels – is among them. Moon, the revolutionary, useful, convenient, ergonomic, compact, white roll, has conquered the “Osservatorio Permanente” and its thematic committees (groups of experts of specific production categories) with its simple and harmonious form. This award testifies to Moon’s characteristics of being an avant-garde product, for saving of raw material (the core has been eliminated), storage optimisation, convenience and use until the last sheet, reduced production costs, clean and elegant aesthetics. •

“Osservatorio Permanente del Design”

The “Osservatorio Permanente del Design” works with the contribution of its Osservatori Territoriali (Observers on the Territory) (who deal with items produced in the specific territories) and Commissioni Tematiche (Thematic Committees) that gather the experts of the individual production categories. A national Committee (comprised of the responsible members of the Osservatori Territoriali and the Commissioni Tematiche) with the editors of the ADI Design Index, make a double selection among the products that have been signalled to be in-line with ADI’s criteria.

A double selection in that, on one hand a wide range of Italian design products is offered, while on the other a more restricted group of items, chosen on a quality criterion, is selected to participate at the final selection for the Compasso D’Oro ADI Award.

The criteria for product selection. The notification and selection by the “Osservatorio Permanente” for publication on the ADI Design Index is made on several specific thematic fields (design for the individual person, design for work and services, design for the house, design for the environment, visual design, research and training, theoretical, historical and critical research). It aims at identifying products with relevant aspects of originality and innovation, outstanding for function, typology or for the production system used, for the materials, for the form and aspect reached.

Special attention is reserved for those products showing particular respect for the environment, clear public and social value, attention to the requirements of usability, interaction and range of use. With the aim of conferring prominence to the original characteristics of the Italian project, the selection also underlines the specific features and vocations of the production districts of the territory.


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