Lucart: a trusted brand

Lucart is a brand in its most modern meaning: a promise, a great idea and the right answer the customers’ expectations towards a company, a service, a product.

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Today, talking about Lucart, Cartiera Lucchese group, means going over the history of the paper industry of Lucca, its development from a local reality towards a European one, confirming that tradition may represent the future.

Manufacturing high-quality products answering to market needs and environmental requirements has always been Lucart’s mission. The success of the company stems from the combination of many important aspects such as technological research, development of the company’s competence, attention towards the environment, promotion of a rational use of cellulose fibres, both virgin and recycled.

THE GROUP, IN ITS RESEARCH FOR QUALITY AND INNOVATION ALWAYS IN RESPECT OF THE ENVIRONMENT, has often elaborated innovative and sometimes anachronistic solutions that anticipated many modern issues: the ecological choice of raw materials and finished products, the selection of suppliers with preference for those having an ecologically-sustainable management, the choice of anti-pollution freight solutions for finished products (such as railways directly linked to the facilities).

CARTIERA LUCCHESE IS AMONG THE FIRST TISSUE COMPANIES THAT HAVE GAINED THE CERTIFICATION OF QUALITY (UNI EN ISO 9001/2000) and that of environmental management (UNI EN ISO 14001); the first Italian company to develop the process of regeneration of recycled fibres for the production of tissue paper and MG papers; among the first in Europe to look for alternative methods for the autonomous production of electric energy and steam. Furthermore, it is the first company that has invested in biodegradable packaging and the first in Italy to obtain the Ecolabel for its products, the ecological brand awarded by the European Union.

TODAY THE CARTIERA LUCCHESE GROUP IS THE ITALIAN LEADER IN THE FIELD OF AWAY-FROM-HOME TISSUE PRODUCTS and an outstanding company in the European consumer market; it is European leader in the field of MG papers for flexible packaging and in that of ecological tissue papers.

Tissue paper for hygienic and sanitary use is sold both as jumbo rolls and as finished products (Lucart brand or private labels) for the consumer and AFH markets. Lucart’s logo is present in several brands of the Group for the consumer market (Grazie EcoLucart, Lucart Gold, Bianca Lucart, Novìta Lucart, Multiuso Lucart) and the AFH market (EcoLucart, Strong Lucart, Brown Lucart, Airlaid Lucart), all studied according to specific marketing strategies to satisfy the needs of the different markets.

The AFH market includes all those products used in non-domestic contexts, such as canteens, industries, cleaning contractors, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, public offices.

LUCART’S AFH DIVISION MAKES USE OF SEVERAL TYPES OF PAPER (high-quality ecological paper, virgin-fiber products, raw cellulose and dry paper) including 11 product categories (from toilet paper to medical sheets, from place mats to tablecloths to dispensers and roll holders - like the Blue Tech Lucart line).

Cartiera Lucchese has also studied a range of products for the consumer market, including all the tissue products for domestic use distributed by shops, discounts, supermarkets and hypermarkets directly to consumers. To answer the several needs of consumers, Lucart produces toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins and handkerchiefs in high-quality pure cellulose (Lucart Gold), and products characterised by an excellent quality-price ratio (Bianca Lucart, Novita Lucart, Cigno, Prima and Azalée), economically priced products such as the Smile line, ecological tissue products (such as Multiuso “the ideal roll for a thousand uses” and Grazie EcoLucart). In such a wide range of products, each consumer can easily find the ideal product in terms of quality, price and ecological impact.

BRANDING MEANS CREATING AN EMOTIONAL CONNECTION WITH PEOPLE, making the company’s identity recognisable and identifiable, able to conquer a place in the market. This concept synthesises the activity carried out by Sandro Pasquini, Marketing Director of the company. The product line that best reflects the mission of the company and that has witnessed great success on the market is “Grazie EcoLucart”.

The EcoLucart brand was born in 1996 from the experience of Cartiera Lucchese as Italian leader in the production of ecological, high-quality tissue for hygienic and sanitary use. The green label is well known and beloved by people also thanks to its cute testimonial Albert, the cartoon baby tree who explains the advantages and the characteristics of these products, together with Birdy, the little bird that lives in its foliage.

ECOLUCART HAS PROGRESSIVELY BUILT ITS QUALITY AND IDENTITY VALUES, BECOMING BRAND LEADER IN THE FIELD OF ECOLOGICAL TISSUE and putting the phenomenon of brand loyalty into practice: familiarity, loyalty and perceived quality are the key aspects of this line of products. In May 2005 EcoLucart became “Grazie, the paper that doesn’t cut down trees”, the new line of ecological products.

These items are manufactured with 100% recycled paper through a production process that has a reduced environmental impact and does not use additives that are dangerous to health and the environment. The aim is that of persuading an increasingly large number of consumers about the importance that even a simple and common action like buying a tissue product can have for the preservation of the environment, forests and woods. So EcoLucart becomes Grazie: a name easy to remember, yet full of meaning. The “eco-premium” tissue, whose advertising campaign has trees as protagonists, justifies its birth with the aim of thanking and gratifying all the consumers that have chosen and preferred the products made of “paper that doesn’t cut down trees”.

THE NEW BRAND AND THE NEW PACKAGING OF GRAZIE EcoLucart have been studied to strengthen its ecological value: lively colours and alternative materials to emerge from competitors and to arouse ecological awareness of consumers. To thank consumers for their loyalty, Cartiera Lucchese offers a line of high-quality products, made of selected recycled fiber, essentially identical to virgin-fiber products: improved, white, soft, resistant, absorbent, hygienically safe, 100% ecological, packed with MaterBi, the biodegradable material. The Eco-Logic of Grazie, which stems from the impossibility to recover the paper of disposable products to produce other items, is that of encouraging the use of products made of recycled paper, thus avoiding the waste of virgin fibres coming directly from trees, impossible to recover.

Ecological product for Lucart means not only the choice of recycled paper to preserve trees, but also the affirmation that regenerated pulping, through an ecologically sustainable process (that reduces consumption and pollution), can guarantee a high-quality product like virgin fibre ones. Grazie EcoLucart is an ecological product coming from a production process with low environmental impact, respecting health, guaranteed by the UNI EN ISO 14001 and Ecolabel certifications.

With this project, Cartiera Lucchese S.p.A. has confirmed its involvement in ecologically sustainable development, the environment, its employees, consumers and the community, inviting all to make aware and responsible choices; for this project, the company received the Ethic Award 2005 for the category of the environment.

THE JURY RECOGNISED THE COMPANY’S SENSE OF COMMITMENT TOWARDS ITS CUSTOMERS, and appreciated not only the ecological aspect of Grazie EcoLucart products, but also their “social” value: Grazie EcoLucart thanks its consumers and involves them in the preservation of nature and the environment also after the moment of purchasing. Through the media, the consumer is also involved in a series of activities promoted by the philosophy of Grazie EcoLucart: the web site at www.grazie.it presents the Eco-Products, explains the Eco-Logic and the Eco-Guarantees of Grazie. But most of all, it represents an interactive meeting point for consumers and visitors to exchange information, offering them advice about the preservation of resources and ecologically correct daily habits, proposing competitions and games for children … all dedicated to the theme of Ecology. •


This paper mill, founded in the 1930s by the Pasquini family at Villa Basilica - an area that boasts a long tradition of hosting paper mills - represents an outstanding example of many such realities in the area of Lucca.

In 1966 the company started up the facilities of Porcari (Lucca) for the production of paper for flexible packaging, tablecloths and place mats, and at the end of the 1980s Cartiera Lucchese entered new markets beginning the production of tissue paper for hygienic and sanitary use, still today produced and converted in the facilities of Diecimo (Lucca).

In these last 10 years the company has progressively grown, expanding towards the main European markets. The company is headed by CEO Massimo Pasquini.

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