Edana’s Nonwovens Research Academy

Edana’s innovative Nonwovens Research Academy got off to a great start in April 2005.


This initiative of Edana, launched at INDEX 05 in Geneva, has the aim of: promoting fundamental understanding and knowledge of the science and technology of nonwoven fabrics, products and processes as well as related disciplines, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and research results and encouraging the development of technical understanding and knowledge that will help to support the growth of the nonwovens industry in the future.

THE ACADEMY COMPRISES AN INTERDISCIPLINARY GROUP OF ACADEMICS, STUDENTS, RESEARCHERS, SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS who, at this brand new forum, now for the first time, have the opportunity to present and disseminate research studies relevant to the nonwovens industry.

This marks one of the many new and innovative projects being developed by Edana’s recently formed Board Working Groups. There are currently over ten groups, covering a wide array of issues critical to the nonwovens industry, which are composed of experts from Edana’s Board of Governors. The Nonwovens Research Academy is an initiative of the ‘Board Working Group on Education and Innovation’, chaired by Karl-Michael Schumann, Director Corporate R&D Europe and Nonwovens, Platform Technologies, Procter & Gamble, who was appointed to the Board of Edana in July 2005. This Working Group created the Academy as a means to promote sustainable profitable growth in the nonwovens industry by reinvigorating innovation through ‘bridging the gap between academia and industry’.

OVER 125 PARTICIPANTS FROM 93 COMPANIES, INSTITUTES AND RESEARCH CENTRES took time out of their busy schedules during INDEX to ‘bridge this gap’ and to hear about the latest research and development in twelve exciting areas, covering raw materials, structure/function, characterisation/modelling and technology/process.

Feedback from participants was extremely positive with commendations ranging from ‘Excellent event to inform about new R&D work’ and ‘A good meeting point to discuss one’s own and others’ research results’ to ‘Do try and repeat this!’

FOLLOWING THE SUCCESS OF THIS FIRST EVENT, Edana will indeed repeat it. The Academy is intended to rotate internationally on an annual basis between centres of nonwovens excellence, with an initial focus on Europe and particular emphasis on the host’s area of expertise and current research projects.

Offers of original papers are now invited for this next event and should relate to at least one of the following processes, products or performance-related aspects of nonwovens science and technology, or should relate to the potential contribution of other areas of science and technology to the nonwovens and related products industries:

• Polymer science and technology

• Fibre science and technology

• Mechanics of web formation and bonding

• Engineering design of nonwoven fabrics

• Functional fabric finishes and treatments

• Property or process modelling

• Structure-property relationships in nonwoven materials

• Testing and characterisation of nonwoven fabrics

• Methods of nonwoven fabric manufacture and conversion

• Recycling, reuse and sustainability

• Studies of nonwoven fabric properties, performance and function in specific applications (for example in medical, hygiene, automotive and transportation, civil engineering, agriculture, horticulture, clothing, insulation, filtration, composites, domestic products and new applications).

ANOTHER INNOVATION INTRODUCED BY EDANA to support students, as well as experienced professionals, in contributing to the growth and dynamism of the nonwovens industry, is the new online nonwovens job market. By logging on to www.edana.org both job seekers and companies looking for fresh new talent, can find many opportunities. •

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Edana at: tel: +32 2 734 93 10

Email: info@edana.org or visit www.edana.org.

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