"Festival della Crescita"

Growth is a natural physiological process. Growing means sharing and sharing creates wealth. It is with this spirit in mind that Festival della Crescita is born, taking on the theme of growth and transforming it from an economic enigma to an evolutionary, cultural and production challenge, states Francesco Morace, President of Future Concept Lab and creator of the project.

Perini Journal

The Festival represents a generative platform, collecting the challenges and proposals of the territory, too. Through an itinerant tour comprised of 11 stopovers in major Italian cities, the Festival’s goal is to elaborate an international vision by following the logic of happy growth and of excellence, drawing a true map of growth. Thanks to continuous dialogue between the protagonists of growth and development – companies, creatives, national and international institutions – a sharing of experiences and best practices is generated aimed at stimulating reflections and growth where development and innovation are integrated with social and environmental demands.

TODAY, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT ALL PLAYERS (companies, institutions, consumers) elaborate an international vision by following the logic of happy growth and of excellence. Multiplying the cultural, artisan, industrial and financial qualities can and must give voice and space to people’s sensitivity and to the sensitivity of those companies that are growing in the various fields by reorganizing themselves based on daily knowhow, on the virtuous ability to produce, with innovative ideas that meet the potential of new technologies. The Festival proposes to catalyze and deepen virtuous experiences, useful for sustainable growth, that have involved and connected the requests of the different territorial organizations on a global scale, of the people working in the companies, in scenarios of advanced creativity and in schools and universities, as well as those of emerging industries, bringing them to the top of their potential.

ALL THIS ALLOWS PERFECTING NEW INSTRUMENTS OF SOCIAL INNOVATION for an open economy to be fostered in Italy and abroad. Today, we are on the threshold of a re-assessment of qualitative knowledge, difficult to measure and to standardize, but incredibly rich in strongly creative contents. The intent is to disseminate ideas and proposals, dialoguing with different organizations representing the most advanced scenarios but at the same time those most rooted in the territory, and to propose projects of true growth and concrete value. This event favors a shared creative vision where each individual independently assumes his or her creative and production responsibilities.

THE FESTIVAL HAS ARRIVED IN LUCCA, TOO, THANKS TO SOFIDEL who, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, involved the city in two intense days full of new experiences. A gift that underscores how Sofidel supports sustainable growth aimed at safeguarding the present so that it can be a guarantee of a solid future. An intense schedule of events, a cultural marathon where different experiences and different sectors intertwined. Two days of meetings and events open to the public, in the course of which the foundational players in growth – companies, creatives, institutions and intellectuals– spoke as ambassadors of their experiences and of how they were able to face and master the challenge of development through sustainability, education, innovation and creativity.

JUST TO MENTION A FEW OF THE GUESTS: Stefano Brown (Sustainability Manager at IKEA Italy) presented the company’s sustainability model and future goals to obtain energy from renewable sources through 700,000 solar panels in 9 countries; Michele Palatrese of Unicoop Firenze spoke about how the world of distribution is changing, too; Maria Sebregondi of Moleskine highlighted how tradition can marry into innovation, how paper and technology can coexist and integrate; Alberto Baban of Tapì and President of Venetwork S.p.A. underscored how the true 4.0 revolution will be the exchange of artificial intelligence and the integration of ingenuity and creativity. Italy will have a new opportunity for growth thanks to its SMEs and to the manufacturing field, the new frontier of development. These are just some of the testimonials of this Festival that intends illustrating an idea of happy growth substantiated by courage, faith and responsibility. *


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